Film, Thrillers
Theresa Russell (excellent) plays an undercover cop on the edge, burned out and unable to sustain her relationship with men. Under assessment by the police shrink after shooting a criminal, she is still moonlighting as a decoy hooker, a role that feeds her desire to lose control. Assistant DA Fahey, meanwhile, is looking for a second witness to secure a watertight case against a drug kingpin. Russell is recruited to make a fake drugs buy designed to force a low-life dealer into testifying, but her cover is blown and things get very complicated. Although a subsequent plot twist, linking Russell's dangerous impulsiveness to a loose thread of Fahey's complex case, is a shade too convenient, Sondra Locke directs with great assurance. The action is tough, the low-life atmosphere authentic, and the relationship between Russell and Fahey charged with tremulous eroticism. Stylish, exciting, and emotionally satisfying.

By: NF

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Duration: 108 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sondra Locke
Screenwriter: John De Marco, Leigh Chapman
Cast: Theresa Russell
Jeff Fahey
George Dzundza
Alan Rosenburg
Nicholas Mele
Eli Danker
Charles McCaughan
Lynne Thigpen
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