In Your Hands

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What a waste of Kristin Scott Thomas this French psychological drama is. In a role that might have been tailor-made for her elegant froideur, she is Anna, a surgeon kidnapped late at night and held hostage in a grotty flat by dishy Yann (Pio Marmaï). The story begins in the middle, as Anna escapes, blinking into the light. Back at home, she frantically plugs in her phone to discover, crushingly, no one has noticed her disappearance: just a few messages from a married lover and irritated colleagues. Flashbacks return to her captivity. Early scenes between Anna and Yann – convinced he’s the victim of her professional misconduct – are thrilling. She’s in every way his superior, batting him away like a schoolboy and icily dismissing his grievances. The weak link is the script, which implausibly turns on Anna developing Stockholm Syndrome. The result is disappointing, though not as much as the fact that we never see Scott Thomas in juicy roles like this in Britain.


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Friday July 20 2012
81 mins

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Lola Doillon
Lola Doillon
Kristin Scott Thomas
Pio Marmaï
Jean-Phillipe Ecoffey

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There's no two ways about it, Kristin Scott Thomas is an excellent actress. But, as often seems the way, a well meaning agent seems to encourage his/her client to appear in as many movies as possible. . In the past 5 or so years, KST's appeared in quite a few movies - many of them French - one of them - "I've Loved You So Long" is absolutely excellent. I also thought KST excellent in "Bel Ami", earlier this year. . But by no stretch of the imagination is the storyline, script, or even the acting particularly great in "In Your Hands" - shot two years ago. I'm not sorry I saw this film, but KST's appeared in much better stories, and I really feel where her work's involved, less is more, and would add to the appeal of seeing a movie in which she stars.