No 'student' cliché is left unexamined in this gauche Britcom styling itself 'the first film about the British University experience'. Shot cheaply on DV, the result is not unlike a video training manual. When you first arrive at university, we learn, it's de rigueur to break the ice by asking all new acquaintances the same three questions (about their A levels, origins and course). No one's here to work; the library and dance hall are your pick-up joints; some girls and boys will hook up in a trice, others will instantly get off on the wrong foot; everyone will drink and talk shit all night.

By: NB

Release details

Duration: 86 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Danny Paul Fisher
Screenwriter: Danny Paul Fisher
Cast: Johnny Ball
Philippa Forrester
Anthea Turner
Sarah Vandebergh
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