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Iron Man
Iron Man

Playboy weapons magnate Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is a greased amalgam of Howard Hughes, Hugh Hefner and C-3PO, complete with an enviable battery of glib banter and a goatee you could set your watch by. On a routine sales trip to the Middle East, his Humvee is ambushed by a terrorist cell and he is dragged away to a cave, where he is forced to reproduce one of his high-powered missiles with some scrap metal and a soldering iron.

Instead, Stark uses those materials to construct a suit of robotic body armour and flee from the extremists’ clutches. This channels his epiphany –  perhaps long overdue – that profiteering from weapons is far from the Promethean zenith of overarching compassion he once thought it was. He returns a changed man and, with the help of his svelte assistant ‘Pepper’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) and best mate Jim Rhodes (Terrence Howard), builds a shiny suit of armour with which he plans to put an end to warfare for good.

All this liberal hand-wringing comes much to the chagrin of the  sinisterly named Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges), Stark’s devious benefactor, who doesn’t shine to his peacenik jabbering one bit. Stane sports both a bald pate and a beard, a red flag combination in comic-book land if ever there was one.

Actor-turned-director Jon Favreau has proved with his past directorial efforts, including buddy comedy ‘Made’, Christmas film ‘Elf’ and kids’ fantasy ‘Zathura’, that he has a keen eye for character and can spin a decent yarn. Sadly, these two qualities are rarely apparent here, replaced instead by quick-fix one-liners and predictable set-piece gags. Like Iron Man’s suit, Favreau’s film feels like it has been meticulously assembled rather than lovingly formed. It’s little more than an elongated, episodic and sporadically charming introduction to the life of this mechanised millionaire superhero, light on both CGI and moral quandaries, and possessing neither the zip and sparkle of a ‘Spider-Man’ nor the brooding existential subtexts of ‘Batman Begins’.


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Release date:
Friday May 2 2008
126 mins

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Jon Favreau
Art Marcum, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Matt Holloway
Sayed Badreya
Leslie Bibb
Gwyneth Paltrow
Shaun Toub
Robert Downey Jr
Jeff Bridges
Clark Gregg
Faran Tahir
Terrence Howard
Tim Guinee

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Great action movie, Jeff Bridges never fails to deliver the goods. 


Cracking action movie, keeps you entertained from start to finish. 

As a life long iron man fan, i feel this film did the comic justice, as i'm certain my fellow "iron-fans" will agree. The SFX and attention to detail are astounding. Easily the best marvel comic film to date. I'm aware it's a critic's job to attempt to pan films, but this review was abismal. Even people who were not previously fans of Mr. Tony Stark's adventures with his pretty nifty suit now adore iron man. A MUST SEE FILM! bad review up there from a bad critic.

Watching Iron Man made me feel like I did when I was a small kid, when every movie I saw at the cinema was the best film I'd ever seen. It's a class act, from the opening scene to the last line, it even changed my opinion of Gwyneth Paltrow. I've always loathed her (and her inexplicable husband), but I now realise that, unlike many other actors, including the irresistible Downey Junior, she can actually play different characters, and with great charm. This is an extremely satisfying watch in every way. If I were making the sequel, I'd be feeling the heavy weight of responsibility to do this film justice, but the first effort has left me with unbridled optimism. Good work, Mr. Favreau. Mikey wins!

Everyone has their opinions, that's for sure, but Ironman was a hit in my book. I saw it twice. LOVED it. My only did Obadiah learn to work his suit so fast? huh? overall, I think it was realistic, wonderful, funny - I never followed Ironman in the comic book, but I asked a few buffs about the general story and the movie was dead on - good job!

I'm going to address Mr. Boris's comments first, then the movie itself. In his review (below) he complains simultaneously that this comic book movie doesn't have enough action. Then he complains that it is not more dramatically derived from stage-style storytelling. So does he want Terminator 2 or Casablanca? Then he goes on to tell us he wants and expects more, but he's dreading sequels. Let's get our heads screwed on straight...all together now...are you with us, Mr. Boris? This is a comic book movie. The story quality is aimed for the mind of a teenager. That's how comics work. People don't go to superhero movies expecting mental flickers of Shakespeare. This will not be Casablanca or Hamlet. Drama is in the other section; this is Action. Nevertheless, this being the first in the Iron Man franchise, the storyteller must give us our bearings first. He must answer for us, "Who are these characters? What elements are present (desires, alliances, struggles, etc.) and how do they connect or collide? Favreau clearly loves comics (including Daredevil) and being a part in bringing them to the movie screen, whether via cameo or director's chair. (He's got my vote of gratitude right there.) And he does a good job of interspersing the action with the exposition. The 1st Fantastic 4 movie didn't balance so well: other than a few stunts there was no action until the last 5-10 minutes of the film...and it was no crescendo by any means! This movie advances in 3 Acts, which is very traditional. Act 1: The abduction of Tony Stark and the invention of Iron Man, leading to a dynamic shift in his character, and the development of his motive. Act 2: A buildup--we meet all the players, discover their relationship dynamics, see the development of the suit and the "suitor" (a-la-Who's the Boss.) We especially learn the powers and limitations of the suit, and then the alliances shift... Act 3: The climax--including an attack and counter attack which play on both the strengths and the limitations of both the suits and the relationships we've learned about thus far. And then the (by now) much welcome setup for a sequel. (That's why they call it a "franchise.") And trust me Mr. Boris (and his fellow detractors,) there's more than enough compelling storyline in the 300+ issues of Iron Man comic books to make a sequel that rocks. So to sum it up, yes my girlfriend likes this as much as I do, but I confess I haven't read more than a dozen issues of Iron Man in my life. There is romance, sardonic wit, a few plot twists, CG that one-ups the Transformers movie, some infinitely quotable one-liners, and plenty of humor. True fans want to see their imaginations realized onscreen--they want to see Iron Man flex his muscle and use his gadgets. I predict fans will leave quite satisfied. Girlfriends and other newbies to the Iron Man storyline want to see Robert Downey Jr. make a respectably-spotlit comeback into pop-cinema, and they need a good dose of "Iron Man 101" to understand what's happening. I predict they will leave as fans, baited with the desire to learn more and see more of this iconic superhero. Robert Downey Jr. does Iron Man justice, but the trick isn't being inside a suit and launching tank-poppers. What RD Jr. does best is breathe life and accuracy into Tony your favorite NBA team, he has the look, and all the game to go with it. This movie juggles 2 storylines. One, about a jet-bashing, computer-guided robo-suit (that kicks RoboCop's dated can.) It's also about a dynamic person with believable, relatable issues (which trumps Peter Weller's "Murphy" in every way.) It is a comic book movie. And it's the best one to date, in my opinion. Like Mr. Boris, I want more from Iron Man, and I realize there are only 2 ways to get it: sequels and return-trips to the cinema! (I wouldn't complain about either.) P.S.> Did I mention that I LOVE Paul Bettany for the role of Jarvis? That's just icing on the cake.

This is a terrific film. RDJ is great and the effects are top notch.

Just to keep it short, I enjoyed the movie, not as good as Batman Begins say, but better than most of the comic movies that I have seen, with a bit more character development and backstory. The one thing that I felt was lacking was that it needed more fight sequences! More chances to see the suit systems in action. But then they are no doubt saving that up for the sequel. I can't wait!

whoever wrote that review should be sacked, i thought this was one of the greatest superhero movies for a long time, an a must watch for any comic fan.

THIS IS AWESOME!! it was real good and as well as Louise below i thought it would be a real male film but it was great! And robert downy jr was hitting the sezy notes spot on!

This film was simply amazing. From start to finish i was on the edge of my seat. Whoever gave this film a bad review is crazy. Or lied about watching the film.

Best film i have seen for along time. Not only is dowey fantasic, he pulls off swave scenes almost as good as Bond. Probably for the older Marvel fans, but atention grabbing from start to finish. Great film and a must see!!!!

The best 'superhero' movie so far. Robert Downie Jnr was am inspired choice for Tony Stark. And lets face it the Iron Man armour is the boy toy to end all boy toys

I think it got a bit corny at times but apart from that the film was wicked and all of the cast did a great job. A truly brilliant tale of heroes and the modern world

spot on! it was AWEOSME!!! whoever has slated it really doesn't know a brlliant film when they see one! possibly the best marvel film, but so caringly balanced to hopefully make a perfect trilogy, i think IRON MAN is a movie for adults, a mature marvel film. i don't think someone with the attention span of a 4 year old would enjoy this! hence the negative comments....

That movie was /amazing/ ! I'm going to see it again on Saturday :D I loved it so much & I didn't know about Iron Man beofre ;P Go Marvel! lol x

This film was great! Good script, and effects will blow you away. Downey Jr was awsome as both the egotistical amorous billionaire (too believable) and the troubled humanitarian. One for the boys and enough to keep the girls happy.

finally a marvel movie that doesn't suck, a.k.a spider man. boo to whoever casted toby mcguire as peter parker...boooooooo iron man rocks. can't wait for the dark knight....ooh, i get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Im not one for these marvel type films like spiderman and such but this was amazing! loved every secod of it! its a proper lads film though with fast cars, girls, guns and explosions so good...

Though not a fan of this genre, I absolutely loved every minute of it. Can't imagine anyone not liking it. Hard time getting my usual movie buff friends to agree to see it. A real delight.

I went to see Iron Man the day it hit theaters for only one boyfriend wanted to see it. But to my surprise, I enjoyed it enough to see it a second time! The "on the edge of your seat" action and special effects were amazing! Iron Man had everything; adventure, humor, and romance. It was the best movie I have seen in a while! Yes, it's a guy's movie...but girls will definately love it too!

Everything an Iron Man fan could have wished for and more. Robert Downey, Jr., is perfect casting. The de-cartoonification of the villains was a brilliant notion. We get villains AND a hero we can actually believe. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Such a fantastic film!!! I am not an action film kind of girl, but this was beyond my expectations completely! I loved every moment of the film! and lets just say ladies that robert downey junior made it worth EVERYPENNY!!!! it was great, i can't praise it enough! go and see it you will not be disapointed! i will deffinatly be buying this one on dvd!!!

The reviewer for timeout has got this one wrong, this is a very good movie indeed, up there with spidey and better than xmen, and kicks superman returns's arse all the way back to krypton!! well recommended.. ps wait till the credits end for a snipet of Iron Man 2!

iron man is very good movie,it,s one of the best movie in the world,don,t miss it guyz go and watch it

Might be the best of all the super hero movies. Very inyeresting and exiting throughout the movie.

I thought the movie was thee best movie i have ever seen and i would reccomened everyone to go and watch it.

top notch movie. guys, u will spend the entire thing uttering the phrase "i want it". id say the girls will aswell. in my opinion the best superhero move out there. GO AND SEE IT.

A superb film. Don't expect "Just another Marvel". This film really holds it's own even if you have no idea about Iron Man. The Special Effects are dazzling and the suit looks amazing, without looking too cartoony. The only trouble I found with it, is that it didn't use the suit enough! He flies around a little and blows up bad guys, but there isn't enough time spent looking into all the gadgets, but even this is only a small niggle. The acting is top notch from all directions, with Robert Downey Jr really stealing the show. His portrayals of Tony Stark AND of Iron Man are both excellent and his timing suits the scripts humour perfectly. If you like the Iron Man comics you will love this film. If you've never heard of Iron Man, you will deffinately enjoy it anyway. A must see for anyone who enjoys cinema. 8.5 / 10

i think it looks amazin, but my friends dnt wana watch it.....o well,it get it on dvd instead! :) HUMAN RIGHTS 4 CHINA!

This was fantastic, Robet downey jr was fantastic in the role the special effects were unbeleiveable This is easily one of the best films of this year this is definetly the start of the big summer blockbusters and definetly would see it again.

i was expecting another semi-passable spidey, x-men or (god help us) daredevil. i came out of theatre with a huge grin on my face. admittedly the film had some down-points, for instance the fact he was kidnapped by the afghans and it's not p.c. etc.etc. but never the less the style with which downey pulled off his role as stark was genius, as was the rendering of the suit itself, modernised but not ridiculously glitzy, and all the fight sequences but the end one (which i felt was boring and rather cliched) were gorgeously directed. i would have been happy to leave out the rather irritating love story with pepper potts, but as the role was competently acted, i have no huge complaints. I am dissapointed that many people on the board have neglected to research iron man in any way; if they had done so they would have realised that jim rhodes was always black and that casting him as black has nothing to do with his so called "sidekick-friend role" in conclusion, that was a bad-ass film and deserves far more credit than the cretins (who know nothing about marvel, let alone iron man) on this site have given it. long live robert downey jr.

I saw this yesterday and was very impressed. Robert Downey Jr is excellent as the suave, cynical hero. The story of his transformation from arms dealer/designer to protector is well written as he still retains his cynical edge becoming the good guy without becoming a wuss! He actually kills when he has to and for me this gave a welcome hard edge to this latest comic book adaptation. In the words of my son "They aged it up!". While that may not be great English it summed up the tone of the film nicely. It isn't Spiderman, it certainly isn't Superman (thank God!). It's more along the lines of Batman Begins (another good film) but if anything it's a little harder and certainly wittier. The effects are top notch but there is no excuse for sub-par effects on this budget. As for the criticsms of it being "Not PC" well help me out here as I'm not seeing the down side. I have yet to see a "PC" friendly film that held any form of an interesting storyline. All in all this is a great film to escape a couple of hours and have a thoroughly good time. Apparently its taken $100,000,000 so far so a sequel looks inevitable and I look forward to it. I just pray that they don't "age it down" and please do NOT make it P.C.

This is a great film. Cleverly put together and very funny with brilliant performances from DowneyJr, Paltrow and Bridges. Go and see this film!!

Went to see it this morning and thought it was a brilliant, enjoyable film! Funny in parts and the special effects are top notch. Excellent!

The guy who wrote the main review must have watched a highlights edit as Iron man is easily the best marvel film they have done to date. Robert Downey jr is excellent as is Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow. The humour was just right also they did not go overboard on the CGI as most films do and the film is not weighed down like most films that have to set the whole story up, of how the superhero came to be which is very rare. DO NOT MISS IT.

he best of the comic/movie makeovers....downey jnr was perfect for the role...good action...half decent story...bit of humour & romance...good al round enjoyable family entertainment!! bring on iron man 2

In my opinion a hugely enjoyable start to what will obviously be a lucrative franchise for both Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios. Whilst Marvel chose to leave out Starks alcholism (and justifiably so) Robert Downey Jr. gives a stellar performance and is both convincing and fresh as the comic to movie franchises newest member. I believe this beats the Spiderman series hands down, showing that both the Comic book genre and Marvel as producers (this is their first movie indepentanly produced) have matured greatly since the feet shuffling, stare at the floor web slinging capers of the frankly forgettable Tobey Maguire. Smart humor, a very tongue in cheek feel and a very respectable support cast..this movie gets my thumbs up and will at the very least, whet audiences appetites in the run up to this years Dark Knight

Ever put something together and it actually worked; Iron Man gives you that feeling - it's inspiring in a lot of ways!

that film was real good and the review was spot on cant wait til they make the next one just hope they go the same way but more into the story line from the comics

I saw Iron Man last night. This is a really good action movie with some really good laughs. Downey suits the role down to the ground. I was entertained from the beginning to the end. Can't wait for the next one.

i have seen movies but, this one is and exeptionet and fantasic movie and its like no other!

If you're thinking that this is supposed to be like Spiderman or Batman then you are an idiot. All of the super heroes have different personalities and Iron Man's has always been his imperfections. The guy who wrote this is a complete idiot and should do a little research before he quickly compares it to Spiderman or Batman.

Mizell must've been fed a steady diet of lead paint chips as a kid. Tony Stark has always been a gentleman of Caucasian descent since the comic first came out.

I saw the film. This guy is just looking for a reason to keep his job. It was really a fun, great film. I do think the sequel will have more latitude in the story telling, but this is everything it needs to be imo. I also can tell the suit is NOT cgi which is why it looks so good. Love the fact that the faceplate "clunks". My only beef is that the trailers give so much away. Can't wait til it releases officially to see it again.

the trailer looks AWESOME rollover for IRON MAN because he is coming to the big wide screen in MAY.

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