John Wick: Chapter Two

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John Wick: Chapter Two

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4 out of 5 stars

Keanu Reeves is back as the savage but sensitive hitman in this wildly enjoyable and ridiculous action flick

Before you get funny, no, they haven’t come for his cat this time. Keanu Reeves is back as the taciturn ex-assassin prone to murderous rages: 2014’s ‘John Wick’ saw him taking on the Russian mobsters who killed his dog (it reminded him of his dead wife, so he was all upset). But now it turns out John’s unsanctioned rampage broke the laws that all hired killers follow, and he’ll have to face the consequences. The ensuing hijinks will take him from New York to Rome and back again, staying one step ahead of his former colleagues.

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ opens with a movie projected on a wall, as our hero races past an outdoor screening of a silent slapstick comedy. It’s an unsubtle but appropriate image: none of this is meant to be taken too seriously, just sit back and enjoy the stunts, the speed, the style. Reeves has more than a touch of Buster Keaton about him too, staying stony-faced as he blasts, karate-kicks and throat-punches his way through literally hundreds of faceless underworld goons.

And what a stupendously entertaining ride it is. Director and former stuntman Chad Stahelski is back in the director’s chair, and he knows his craft inside out: every punch lands hard, every gunshot roars like thunder. Neon-lit and gloomy, the film is lovely to look at – think Nicolas Winding Refn without the pretension. The humour is charmingly self-deprecating – a series of adversarial grunt-offs between Reeves and fellow assassin Cassian (Common) are a highlight – and the testosterone-heavy supporting cast is terrific: Laurence Fishburne, Franco Nero, Ian McShane, ‘Warriors’ legend David Patrick Kelly and even Peter Serafinowicz all grab their moment in the spotlight. But it’s Keanu’s film, and he’s a joy to watch: loose, long-limbed and achingly cool in a three-piece black suit, he makes mass murder look completely effortless.


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Friday February 17 2017
122 mins

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Chad Stahelski
Derek Kolstad
Keanu Reeves
Bridget Moynahan
Ian McShane
Ruby Rose
Laurence Fishburne

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3 out of 5 stars

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Glossy, fast, stylish & every bit as fun as the original, never mind knocking on your front door and asking politely if it can come in, this is a sequel that smashes down that door, charges in and wrestles control from the very first scene.

Chad Stahelski returns in the director’s chair along with original cast members Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne and John Leguizamo, a cracking cast foundation on which to add whole new levels of cool from Ruby Rose, Example and err, the Dog.

Tracking the eponymous Mr. Wick as he valiantly tries to escape the bounty that’s been placed on his head, we’re treated to a whole slew of fresh & gorgeously choregraphed fight scenes set among the achingly stylish streets of Italy. Whether or not you like martial arts films, this is the sort of film that demands you recognise how sharply & how skilfully it’s been designed and brought to life.

Set pieces are big, colours are bold, music is loud and the action moves fast; there’s barely a moment to draw breath but there are also some delightfully muted & wryly amusing scenes that stop this from being a complete action overload. One of the things that niggle me in so many blockbusters nowadays is that the supposed hero isn’t someone you hope crosses the street successfully never mind survives the brutal battles that face him. The difference here is that you really care about Wick, his dog & his seeming inability to have a normal life. You root for him and when the end scenes roll round with the set-up for a final instalment more obvious than Gregg-from-MasterChef’s love for a pudding, you don’t care, in fact you know you're easily gonna be found lining up for front row seats.


I quite enjoyed the first film... at the end of the day I love a good shoot-em-up as much as the next man and I have no problem suspending my belief to accept an altered reality but this film has a realistic environment in which he behaves like a superhuman... they just went a tad too far, just as Fast & Furious has done recently, physics are an irrelevance...


Enjoyed the action of the first John Wick film? then this is the film for you. Although not much of a plot/story this is a good action film and great for some good old stunts. I got tired of seeing the same gun , John Wick beats them all action and slightly expected more character building throughout the film. To be honest best to wait until this film comes out on DVD or Bluray as it's not worth the money see on the large screen- small screen will suit this film fine.


Do you like headshots? Well then strap in-- because John Wick is all about the headshots. Is there a plot? Vaguely. Is that currency system back where, a drink or a hotel stay costs the same amount?  Yes! Is John Wick killin fools left and right? YES. 

What's even more impressive is the Keanu Reeves does the stunts himself.  Car, guns, fighting, hanging out with a dog (yes there is another dog in this one). Apparently he is so good at them, they use videos of him doing the stunts for training videos. At least thats what my husband says... I thought he was going to squeal like a schoolgirl when Reeves did a single handed 'press check'. Look it up. I did. There is no shame. Impressive. 

If you want a rom com, or want to impress a first date... this may not be the right flick. Unless your first date is freaking awesome. The do it. 


I wasn't that keen on the first John Wick film and only went to see this one because my husband wanted to see it.  I hoped to be pleasantly surprised, but wasn't.

The premise of the film is that John Wick has retired from being a hitman.  He is then force back from retirement, loads of people get shot, then more, car chases, more shootings, baddies are bad shots, gets run over by a speeding car then beats someone up, more shootings then it ends.

There is a hint of what could make it a good film in the scenes at the hotel where they have their particular code of conduct and everyone has to be civil, but apart from that, it is just an opportunity for one long fight.  If you're happy to watch fighting without the need for a good storyline, then you may like it better than I did.  (Mental note to self:  don't go to see the inevitable number 3).


Is bigger always better? In this case, yes and no. The film is at its best during its smaller moments, especially when some of its 'mythology' is on show. During the longer action scenes the film becomes bloated and unfocused. Overall though the film blends in another ridiculousness for it to be fun and entertaining, cannot wait for the next chapter of this gerication franchise!  


This sequel definitely wasn't as strong as the first film. There were too many loud cars, too many fight scenes, too much noise in general!


Hit-man John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is back in action. Lots of action! This film is fast, furious and very loud. Chapter 2 gives us John Wick single-handedly disposing of dozens, possibly hundreds of people. Quite ridiculous but mildly entertaining at first. But how many different ways can there be to kill a guy? Clearly not enough! Each dance of death is carefully choreographed but eventually becomes monotonous. Another over-the-back flip. Yet another leg-up-and -twist. Director Chad Stahelski (former stuntman) clearly knows his stunts but variety is the spice of life and death in this case. A mirrors- only scene in an art gallery works well with a background voice reflecting and imparting information on the installation which the audience sees. Reflections on the soul.

At one point Wick's beloved car is used as a killing machine resulting in the need for a re-build. I was hoping to see the finished result by the end. I was also hoping to see faithful friend,dog, and John strolling happily into the distance. Instead what I got was a world-wide contract out on John with John's limp quickly disappearing allowing him to sprint from all potential contract killers. Apparently I'll have to wait for Chapter 3 before I see the car. Maybe I'll give it a miss.


This is a good film if you love Keanue Reeves and lots of action.  He basically is forced back into killing people again as once you are in the line of business he is in you can never get out of it which is sad.  He plays the John Wicks character really well and even though this film has not much of a storyline it is a good watch.