Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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4 out of 5 stars
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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

A Christmas surprise, this '90s revival packs more than its share of self-referential laughs.

The plot of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ feels less like a sequel to the Robin Williams movie about the magical board game and more like ‘The Breakfast Club’, upgraded with body-switcheroo comedy and some retro ‘Indiana Jones’ thrills.

It follows four high-school stereotypes sentenced to detention – jock, popular girl, nerd, brainiac – who find an old video console that sucks them into its jungle hell. Trapped inside the game, the gang find themselves in the bodies of its avatars. So the popular girl becomes Jack Black’s portly palaeontologist, the dorky kid is endowed with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s mega biceps, while brainy girl Martha is transformed into kickass heroine Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan). Humiliatingly, the jock turns into the wimpy sidekick (Kevin Hart).

‘Jumanji’ is mostly great fun, with Jack Black outrageously entertaining as a teenage girl. But we need to talk about Karen. As Ruby Roundhouse, Gillan is stuck in less clothes than one of Rihanna’s backing dancers. It’s a dig at the hypersexualisation of women in video games, apparently. If so, perhaps the male director or one of the four male writers can explain how fixing the camera on a skimpily dressed female character makes the point. n Cath Clarke

By: Cath Clarke


Release details

Rated: 12A
Release date: Wednesday December 20 2017
Duration: 119 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jake Kasdan
Screenwriter: Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner
Cast: Dwayne Johnson
Karen Gillan
Kevin Hart
Jack Black

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This was a very entertaining movie and so much better than the original one, though it was nice that it made some references to Robin Williams' character. It was hilarious seeing the avatars behave as their teenage players (particularly Bethany finding out her character resembled Jack Black or Dwayne Johnson behaving like a wimp).  References to video game quirks also added to the interesting storyline e.g. using various lifelines. It was very funny. Felt very old when I realised any kid in 1996 was now hitting middle age. Totally recommend this movie. Will tug at the heart strings of anyone nostalgic over their video gaming childhood.


A bloody funny movie and if you're into video games, you'll enjoy it even more with all the references only a gamer would get. With gruesome deaths as they use up their 'lives' and the teenagers getting to grips with their avatars which cause them all kinds of grief and of course super powers, it's a fun romp that doesn't outstay its welcome. Well cast, snappy dialogue and fun action make this a great movie for kids and adults alike. What an adventure!


Ok, so it’s not as good as the original. No. But this sequel (?) definitely has its charm.

If the plot is kinda obvious (think Breakfast Club for example) and the concept is far from being earth-shattering, the movie is still worth a watch. Just because of its leads quartet. There is so much chemistry in-between them all, it truly is fun to see. Plus all four show great talent in playing against type. Jack Black as a Instagram-obsessed teen is laughs!


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a great film sequel and to be honest I wasn't expecting much but dare I say it's on par with the original. All the cast are on form. Jack Black playing a selfie obsessed teenage girl is hilarious to watch. Loved that The Rock, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan play roles very different to what they are known for. And dance fighting to Baby I Love Your Way who knew that was a thing? A great fun film for all the family.


Are you a fan of the original film and are still unsure whether to watch the new Jumanji starting The Rock, Jack Black and Nick Jonas? Well, I was part of this group and I waited for months before finally taking the risk and watching the new Jumanji and I do not regret it. The two films are independent one from the other so - for the new generations - you can watch one or the other or even both if you fancy, without missing any references. The film was interesting, engaging and full of cliff hangers. I appreciated the fact that emerging actors starred in the film, together with well known ones like The Rock or Jack Black, however, I must also say that the well known actors have not obscured the emerging ones, which is great! If you want an adventurous film to watch, full of suspense, rich in humour, with a great character development and interesting videogame undertones, then the new Jumanji (Welcome to the Jungle) is the film for you.


Far funnier than you dare to imagine it could be given the legacy of the 1995 classic, the genius of this remake is that a) it doesn't try to be the original and b) it doesn't try to be the original. No-one is ever going to be a better Robin Williams than Robin Williams himself and the team behind this reworking of the Jumanji story get that, especially the Rock who is funny, empathetic & utterly charming in the way that only he can be and in the way that has made him arguably the world's biggest popcorn-blockbuster star...sorry Tom Cruise.

Gently poking fun at itself - hello Karen Gillan in hotpants - this is a warm, sparky & surprisingly moving comedy perfect for every age group and ideal for when you need to watch something that requires little in the way of intellectual engagement. Director Jake Kasdan, himself the child of Hollywood royalty and a peer of base-but-brilliant comedy director Judd Apatow, has a fantastic cast who deliver some brilliant lines and some killer set pieces. As a teenage girl obsessed with selfies trapped inside the body of a rotund, middle aged man with more bodily hair than you'd ever probably want, Jack Black is impeccably wonderful while Bobby Cannavale (one of the best actors working in film today) has the time of his life hamming it up as the villain of the piece. Kevin Hart brings his own yappy style of humour and perfectly matches the Rock; they are undoubtedly the odd couple of the noughties and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that while this this may only be the second celluloid pairing for the two of them, it sure won't be the last...#listentothesoundofthedollarsrollingin! 

A smart script and some clever video-game overtones work well and the whole thing flies by in a rip-roaring, rollicking ride of a film that you seriously won't be able to stop yourself from enjoying...100% the perfect film to fill half-term with the kids or a rainy Sunday afternoon flying solo.


Perfect movie to put a smile on your face, and the rest of the cinema.

As a fan of the first I was nervous coming in however the cast worked really well and storyline had its twists and turns.

My recommendation would be to go see it as a group, but still go see it.


Wasn’t expecting much from this film but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s very entertaining and at times hilarious. Perfect film to see with young ones or if you are just looking to have some laughs.


Being a 90's kid I have to admit I wasn't expecting this version of Jumanji to be anywhere near as good as the original with Robin Williams, however, I was pleasantly surprised! The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black are hilarious and the movie had some great effects, and whilst it kept to the theme of Jumanji it wasn't trying to re-make the original which is why I loved it. This version was definitely more modern and relates to this generation and is a great laugh! Definitely go and watch it!


I was completely surprised that I loved this film so much! I’m a big fan of the original Jumanji so wasn’t keen on the thought of yet another remake of a classic. However, it works. The premise is the same- a group of friends pulled into a board game (or in this case a video game), having to make it to the end without losing their lives. The cast is brilliant- Jack Black especially adding his comedic genius. The Rock is a surprisingly good lead, playing against type.

It’s well paced and doesn’t drag, the effects are good.

Definitely worth seeing!