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Don’t look to Jason Reitman’s multi-Oscar-nominated second film for a tell-it-how-it-is window on teenage pregnancy nor a two-finger salute to the anti-abortion right. Ignore, too, its ‘Ghost World’-styled ‘indie’ clothing. Rising star Ellen Page, dressed down and knocked-up, admittedly, gives a confident performance as the eponymous 16-year-old, put-down-queen heroine with the impressive ’70s-era taste (The Stooges, Dario Argento horror).

But, just as her supposedly ‘counter-cultural’ profile looks like an assembly from a studio’s cultural dressing department, so does her endless series of screwball-sharp quips, clever quotes and wise-before-her-years aphorisms often seem to emanate from another body entirely – presumably that of devilish scriptwriter and ex-Pussy Ranch blogster Diablo Cody. ‘Very beautiful and very mean, like Diana Ross,’ is how Juno describes the Roman god for whom she is named – how funny, high- school and 16 is that?

The most you can say about ‘Juno’ – given you can ignore the film’s air of contrivance, self-consciousness and cake-and-eat-it attitude to social and moral issues (most clearly seen in the abortion clinic scene, where Juno decides to keep ‘the thing’ because of the centre’s unpleasant smell) – is that it at least tries to inject some wit and engagement into the tired teen ‘coming-of-age’ comedy.

The direction, surprisingly for the supposedly ‘edgy’ material, is conventional, but the acting offers compensations. Allison Janney and JK Simmons (as stepmom and sympathetic dad) are engaging, despite their parts being rather obvious counter-caricatures; and Michael Cera is sweet and believable as geeky impregnator Paulie.


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92 mins

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Jason Reitman
Diablo Cody
Allison Janney
Michael Cera
Ellen Page
Jennifer Garner
Jason Bateman

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I dont usually watch in flight movies , but I just crossed the Atlantic and had a couple of hours watching Juno. I thought it was new. Only now do I find out its not. Anyway, who cares, I really enjoyed it. Perhaps a glossy portrayal of a teenage pregnancy and the moral dilemmas presented by abortion an adoption , but all treated in a real and affectionate way. If you find yourself with time to kill, Juno won't let you down.

omg this is so good :) funny as. songs are amazing, shes so good just go and see it you wont regret it ;)

this fim was great it was funny to wen i watched some parts i couldnt stop laughing hahaha xx

This Film was so funny! Me and my boyfriend went to watch it not really knowing what to expect, bit of a gamble really, but we are so glad we picked this one! It was great, every one in the cinema were in stiches is some parts of the film, this film isnt fake you believe it all, very realistic. would recomend you all go see it. A*******

I loved this film, my husband and I left the cinema feeling great and talked about the movie for ages. Juno is a cool kid who does things her way - The hamburger phone, horrid yellow small track shorts, the mail box full of tic-tacs etc made me like the movie even more. For a those of you who didn't enjoy it, you should stick to what you know best, the pub.

Very good film, some people need to be less serious and remember that this isnt real life this is a film

I Love this movie, its abit of a chick flick but i still liked it. i do film studies and im so going to do my CW on it its such a diffent film, all the other fims out are all trying to be shocking and trying to please everyone but this is there, like it or hate it. p.s. sarah thats the girl shes pretending to be! its call very good acting!

I loved this film, it was really funny, well made and I could relate to it. Ellen Page was stunning in it!

Hello everyone i like too bark alot...i was barking through this movie and everyone thought it was very funny as i started too hyperventalat. My buddies had too call my mother and then they had too get a search party out as they cood not find me because i was hiding under one of the seats:L...their was helicopters involved as well:O...the film was fandabi blada dosy :D

We thought juno was really good...it was very interesting and funny...we were suprised too see that it got a rating of two as it was much better than that. The people in it were very good too. It is more like a film for girls though as i seen it as moe of a chick flick movie. I was with my girlfriends when i went too see it and it made the day out very good. I would reccomend it too all my homies and you should go and see it if you want too see a good movie...aimee and beth x

I thought this film was good, the best i've seen in ages. Has comedy in it and has a serious underlying message to it. I mean come on? who wants to watch a dark and depressing film, they need the comedy otherwise nobody would watch it right? Yeah, i liked this film, seen it twice.

Best film I've seen this year. Maybe if you're a cynical reviewer who gets upset by unrealistic dialogue you won't like it - but then you can find something to not like about any film if you try.

John and Nikki are muppets and obviously don't appreciate a good down to earth film when they see one. This film is funny and emotional it captures the essence of teenage pregnancy and the wanting child of the adoptive mother perfectly. It's simple but affective and a film with emotion it's a prime example of a brilliant indie flick. Ellen page performs flawlessly and grabs your attention from the opening line 'it began with a chair'. If your a indie flick lover this film is one not to miss.

Superb, witty, intelligent and a general feel good with a great music track. If you dont like this I believe you must have some intelligence chip taken out. Watch it you will enjoy the quirky funny and feel good factor of this film

i feel sorry of those of you who didn't get this film. i don't know what you were like in high school, but i was actually like that. grow a brain. this film was the first real portrayal of a high school girl i've seen since the virgin suicides. well done for recognizing not all teenagers are stupid.


i loved this film it was ace both me and fella enjoyed it i cudnt help but cry at the end but i loved it havnt seen a better film in years go junoooooooooooooooo

Well done Wally for providing another example of how far some critics are from public opinion.

THE FILM IS AWESOME!! ignore all the retards that said it was rubbish - it ROCKS! as does the soundtrack!

Amazing fun film full of spirit. Ellen Page kicks ass as pregnant teen juno mcguff, Good to see Arrested development co stars jason bateman and Michael Cera back on the screen! Brilliant film, Brilliant Soundtrack, just Brilliant

The low rating and bad comments really annoy me tbh. It was such a good film, i've seen it twice. I hate it when people say Juno was "pretentious" in the film. No, she was just intelligent, you're all too used to stupid chavs.

i absolutely loved it. went to see it with my sisters, and they both loved it as well. I hate this whole, 'the soundtrack is awful' thing, i think the soundtrack is excellent and really compliments the film, i've downloaded it allready and its really, very good! I'm also a bit annoyed that people dont think 16 year old girls can be funny and witty and sophisticated with their humour, you can have a uterus and be funny too! And if its more based on the age thing, then thats ridiculous, i for one am absolutely hilarious. lol, kidding, but seriously thats just silly, i know pleanty of girls my age who have a genuinely awesomme and sophisticated and matura sense of humour, so lay off! lol

It was brillant execllent xxx i loved it it was so exciting sooooooooooooooooooo gooooooood bbbbbrrrrriiiiilllllaaaannnnntttt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx im loving ryan prithard 4 eva i feel like snogging him

Fantastic film. We went to see it with our two teenage daughters. We all laughed so much. Great one-liners. Very quirky. Great film. Just enjoy it!

There were several good parts nd it could be put into the real world but it could be classed as inappropriate i went wit some m8s and will buy it when it has been reduced a bit good film for a teenage girl to watch as she can learn that there can be problems with just having sex as you can regret so it teaches girls to use protection as the boy that they have sex with may not want to have the luggage of being a parent i should know as when i was a teenager i ogt myself pregnant and have regreted it ever since as i know i will never be able to give my lisa the life she deserves but i do have a boyfriend who looks after her but juno is very good for youths boys aswell as they do not understand what it is like for a girl that has been put in that percition pretty good but not exellent

This film is great. but i guess it' depends on what type of stuff your into. but me and my boyfriend loved it. :)

me n my hot d8 went see this film and it wasnt a film id recomend but i did enjoy parts ..x.x.x.x id recomend a diffo film

well my gf dragged me to see this film. and i am glad she did. it is actually really good to watch, and deffinatly more than a 2star rating.

i am not femaleand i loved it because its not an everyday comedy, everyone had good acting skills in this film, especially juno. this is a very good film and a must see for everyone when it comes out on dvd im going to tesco and buying it at full price. i cant not wait for the day ;D;D..............

Funny film, lots of laughs. light-hearted and deep at the same time...very clever. Great feel good movie, page will do well in the future!!

This film is awesome, a typical oscar comedy, low on belly laughs, but high on smart and sophisticated humour. This film is purely a feel-good movie, great acting from all involved, especially ellen page who deserves the oscar in my opinion. The fact it doesnt have many 'stars' is irrelevent, look at love actually full of so called 'stars' and it was a big cheesy turd! In my opinion Juno is subtle and brilliant, you need 2 see it to know what i mean.

This Is So Funny Ya Will Piss Ya Self Its About A 16 Year Old Girl And She Gets Pergate

Ummmm.... We want to see it but we have a slight problem. Well... We might see cloverfield insteadd Eeeeeekkkkkk (: LOL. x

All of the people who have reviewed this film seem to be idiots. Initial reviewer, just so you know, there are 16 year-olds who are like that, I was one of them and always pissed off at people acting as though I was too young for my references. This film is great, it's cute, funny, has some great little pop-culture references, amazing music and a great fairly realistic take on the whole issue of teenage pregnancy. But ultimately, this film isn't about abortion or teenage pregnancy, it's just about growing up and dealing with things that are beyond your age-range, or at least feel as though they are, it doesn't matter that she's pregnant, that is just a great way of showing that kind of feeling. If you want films actually about issues then don't go to highstreet cinemas and watch comedy films. God!

I liked Juno, and furthermore I liked Knocked Up. While I support people's right to end a pregnancy, when someone is portrayed making the choice to keep it, (hence "pro-choice", there's more than 1) the movie is vilafied as conservative.

I think that this was the sweetest and most fun that has been out for a long time, smart comedy, adult characters and a great soundtrack and is very much an indie film, while still being seen as Oscar worthy. A Great happy ending film.

Everyone keeps mentioning the "hipsters" and the damn "indie kids". I mean really, who are the pretentious ones here? Great movie, great cast, and great soundtrack. Take the movie for what it is and get over yourselves already.

Come on, this was a fun movie, really well written. She is NOT sold out at the end, no one I saw it with felt that way. Maybe your politics have covered your heart,

Jeez, I agree that I need to get out more, but some people may get out too much. The negative reviews of this movie all boil down to "I am too cool for Diablo's hipster dialogue, so it rings false with me. Oh, and her interview of Fresh Air made me sick." Actually, despite the faux-hipster ranting about the faux-hipster screenplay (which is annoying for its pace, not its content), this is the best movie of the year. It's funny (duhh), but, for those with a heart (see also Manhattan north of 14th street) the third act is also remarkably touching, and even (gasp) life affirming. Sure, it's cute, but what's so wrong with peace, love, and cuteness? Movies like Juno exist for two reasons: to provide enjoyment for folks who like to think about the ideas in the movies, and to provide a lightning rod to people who can craft a sentence like "pseudo-indie piece of drollery...bourgois...genre..." Fortunately, I finished grad school over ten years ago, and now I can move on.

Weird, I thought "pro-choice" meant that we were supposed to be into a woman's right to choose, not lamenting movies for depicting women who choose to carry to term. That sort of thing seems to give credence to the anti-choice crowd's depiction of pro-choice as de facto pro-abortion. Not sure why you'd want to strengthen that perception, myself...

Human interest combined with humor make this a most creative, delightful film!

I really don't see this film as anti-abortion. The decision to have the baby is made arbitrarily and it seems more like it's taken because her opinion is that she can perform a service for someone and that she can cope with the circumstances. For me, this film wasn't about abortion or teen pregnancy at all but was far broader in scope. And it tried to be funny too. While its dialogue is populated by a 'hipster lexicon', surely there is nothing wrong with writing a movie in a specific style? That's a question of taste rather than quality/ability. I liked it, and like most people watching it around me I found Page's character and acting incredibly enjoyable. It seems the poster above may have a personal vendetta against consideration of the issues raised in the film. If you've been through what he did, don't go and see a comedy-drama about it. Duh.

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