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Jurassic World

The fourth film in the series and the first in 14 years, 'Jurassic World' serves up another theme park and another bunch of knuckleheaded scientists cloned from the same strand of foresight-impaired DNA. It has absolutely no reason for being – except for the obvious – but at least it chomps through your time painlessly.

A fully functioning tourist attraction has flourished on Isla Nublar, complete with a Starbucks, a baby-dino petting zoo, crammed gift shops and huge crowds. You wait (not very long) for something to go wrong – for some fat American kid to get eaten – but apart from a scary 'The Birds'-like aerial raid of pterodactyls picking off folks on Main Street, there's little payback rained down on mallrat culture.

Instead, sequel director Colin Trevorrow ('Safety Not Guaranteed') is content to execute a poor man's 'Aliens': he's got his Ripley figure in Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), a brittle park manager who blooms into a protective Amazonian mom; generically staged action sequences involving flares and bared shoulders; and an evil military motive represented by an extra-wide Vincent D'Onofrio.

Slickly enjoyable, the biggest misstep comes with puncturing original director Steven Spielberg's grandeur: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Chris Pratt, playing some kind of jokey animal trainer who lives in a trailer, turns velociraptors into docile dogs (a crime against classic cinema). Meanwhile, John Williams's trumpet fanfare is redeployed not at the sight of a towering brontosaurus, but at the park itself, packed to the gills. Subtly, the movie celebrates not science but money, and its own stubborn refusal to succumb to extinction.


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Friday June 12 2015
130 mins

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Colin Trevorrow
Colin Trevorrow, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Derek Connolly
Chris Pratt
Bryce Dallas Howard
Jake Johnson
Vincent D'Onofrio

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Was apprehensive at first on whether it will measure up.. but the makers did good! still doesnt top the original. However having members of the original cast really does envelope you to the story. Worth it :)

This was a fun film, but would have been more fun had the velociraptors been chicken-sized like they were back in the day.

The film admittedly doesn't have much story but you don't really need story if you're watching this having grown up with Jurassic Park, you just wanted to see people run away from dinosaurs. And it delivers. It's a shame the main adult characters were pretty bad stereotypes (business woman who just needs a good loving, manly man who breaks in the business woman) but again, the characters aren't the point of the film. The fact the T-rex got its day and the references to the original film were enough for me.


Maybe kids would like this film but for me, it's a mess of a movie with little or no story, vacuous characters and little if no structure. This is a monster movie that peaks too early, with a hybrid that has many powers but only really seems to bite things. Chris Pratt is in full on wisecrack mode once more and raptors make an appearance again in a kind of hero/villain role that doesn't really make much sense! Watch out for the guy trying to shield his margaritas from some flying beasts - best bit of the movie for me which says a lot!


Chris Pratt taming his pet raptors, a genetically engineered dinosaur, a man saving his 2 margaritas before running away from a flesh eating monster, what's not to love from this summer Blockbuster.  Yes it's a bit ridiculous, granted, but it's also funny and scary, and the special effects are good enough to believe that's a dinosaur.  It has enough throwbacks to Jurassic Park to satisfy the die hard fans (yes, me) and yet it stands up as a dino film in it's own rights.  I'd recommend getting the full cinematic experience at the IMAX, 3D didn't add much to the film for me but who cares.  I doubt this is the last we'll be seeing of the prehistoric dino whisperer Chris Pratt.


I wasn't expecting to enjoy Jurassic World as much as i did. I'm not really a huge fan of the films but this was far scarier and just better than the previous films i've seen.... apologise to any Jurassic fans that disagree. Throughout the entire film i was either smirking with amusement, jumping out my skin or tense and wide eyed with suspense and wonderment. The special effects were incredible. Also incredible was how Claire managed to run through the jungle and survive dinosaur attacks all in high heels. Overall a good, easy watching, action packed and very enjoyable film.  


All of the characters and relationships are so boring and cliched that you wish the entire movie was given over to just the dinosaurs. You could watch this with the sound off and have a roughly similar experience. The fight sequences involving several dinosaurs are insane - and these are the best part.


Finally, an instalment in the Jurassic series that can hold its prehistoric head high and make its father proud – its father being the 1993 masterpiece Jurassic Park.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way and come to terms with the fact that Chris Pratt taming raptors is by all accounts as silly as it is fantastic. And in fairness to Colin Trevorrow,who was charged with filling the sizeable boots Steven Spielberg left behind, he did a good, sensible, job of it. When you’re deep in the depths of the jungles of Isla Nublar (the same island from the first film, and home to the theme park) a few raptors trained to do some party tricks is the least of your worries. This is what the film does well; the tension and suspense make you genuinely worry for everyone’s safety and, with the musical score by Michael Giacchio and the film’s top draw special effects, it gets the heart a-pumpin’!

The omission of the legendary animatronics was a shame. However, it took nothing away from the thrill – especially watching it on an IMAX screen – as the dinosaurs were believable and by all accounts looked like real dinosaurs, certainly like the ones in the Natural History Museum anyways.

In fact, as I am writing this I am 40 minutes in to Jurassic Park III, and feel a little ashamed of myself. Not because I paid money to own this film on DVD and VHS, but because I was once young enough to believe that the clunky robot dinosaur heads were real. And nowadays, I always expect the best and feel hard done by when CGI doesn’t live up to my standards. It is 2015 though, and is a realistic 50 foot dinosaur too much to ask for?

And this is very much the lesson Jurassic World teaches us in a not so subtle way. Bryce Dallas Howard‘s hard-up business woman (Claire) is the representation of the commercial world that we should all hate and rise up against, and be happy and content with our bog standard dinosaurs, not the genetically modified beasts they’re concocting. We’re given a lesson on human psychology, and the desensitization of humans to, well, everything. Remember when the internet was just MSN Messenger and steakandcheese.com? Now it’s on our phones and in our watches, but what we really want is internet enabled coffee cups. Enough is never enough.

The moral of the story is bigger isn’t always better and sometimes the no-expense-spared approach is a big mistake. And I guess you could say that has been the case with the Jurassic franchise as a whole. Since Park, technology has improved, film budgets have got bigger, cinematography has become an art form, but nothing will ever beat those raptors in the kitchen. Therefore, when the humble park was upgraded to an entire world, things were damaged during the move.

It is not an original story, but this can be forgiven because it had no real option to be. The similarities between World and Park are numerous, but it’s this familiarity that gives us a relative sense of safety and comfort in an otherwise ridiculous situation. As has always been the way in the series, when things go bad, they go bad, and it happens quickly. You’re introduced to the characters, you’re given sufficient information to care about them enough to not want them to be eaten by the big toothy, growling one – then bang! Dinosaurs.

I suppose that’s the winning formula Jurassic Park IIIIII and now World has going for it. You’ll accept any plot faults and cringe inducing moments because, come on, there’s a T-Rex – two and a baby in the second film, and that film wasn’t great. A small child fighting a raptor with gymnastics is something only five T-Rexes, seven raptors and a triceratops can help me get over. But I hate to be critical about any installment of the series because I am so fond of it as a whole. So let me now explain to you exactly whyJurassic World is the greatest film and why you must see it immediately a minimum of 5 times.

First of all, Chris Pratt. If you don’t like him, just in general, then I would probably suggest seeking counselling. He’s likable and hot stuff, so what more could you ask for from your leading man? Another bonus is that he is also definitely not Ansel Elgort. Check plus plus.

Then we have Ms. Dallas Howard, who does an excellent job of convincing us she has a soul, despite being a business woman – f*ck the glass ceiling! As is often the case in films that Spielberg has a hand in, she’s a strong woman and someone to root for, “woman inherits the earth” and all that.

The kids are good. I think that’s enough to say about them, they’re cliches of kids but their performances are strong and they have enough of their own stuff going on that again you want them to be okay, and don’t mind when they take up screen time that could be given to Chris Pratt.

Irrfan Khan, is doing his best Irrfan Khan impression and is very wise. He adds a sense of levity that gets you thinking that “oh yeah, breeding a super dinosaur ISN’T a good idea,” even though it’s a totally awesome one. Nick Miller is in it. Sorry, Jake Johnson. He’s the comic relief element we expect from a Jurassic film, and worth a few laughs.

On the whole it is a very clever film, in that it shows you absolutely everything you’ve seen before but convinces you to see it with virgin eyes. Without giving too much away, there are suggestions as to how the series may go and we could be seeing a re-brand in the near future, one heavily invested in genetics. I don’t think the Indominus Rex is the only modified dino we’ll be given the pleasure of being introduced to.

Is it a perfect film? No. But it is the second best film of the series. Overtaking Park is probably only possible with pure cinematic perfection, and I remain skeptical that it will ever happen. But Jurassic World, when all is said and done, is fantastic. So just go see it. There doesn’t seem to be any other option available to you if you ask me. Whether you’re a dino survival movie fan or not, it’s an excellent watch. There are enough throwbacks for the dino-nerds and enough reality for the casual fan. And if you’re going to see it, see it in 3D or, if you can afford it, on an IMAX screen – the extra level of immersion added so much to the experience, and I don’t think I’d want to see a film of this scale on anything else.

In a summer of blockbusters, this has set the bar, and set it high. There may be better films this year, but I don’t think there will ever be a better dinosaur film that isn’t Jurassic Park…or The Land Before Time 7.

Great fun. See it in IMAX 3D if possible...the bigger the screen format the better. Three and a half stars.

Great film, especially in 3D! It is my favorite of all the films! Very entertaining! 

Really enjoyed it, can't tell if it's for nostalgic reasons as jurassic park is one of my favourite films, but then I didn't like the the other sequels so maybe not!

It’s the best since the original, which obviously isn’t a glowing endorsement based on the average-but-not-so-great sequels, but there’s a lot to like (especially as a fanboy like me). Yeah there’s some silly bits but not enough to derail the movie. I suspect the people who pick holes in it view the original with a huge pair of rose-tinted glasses… because that film had some clunk (but it didn’t matter because you were 8 years old and you were in awe of ground-breaking CGI dinosaurs). Anyhow, it’s fun, loud, action-packed, features kids that aren’t annoying (plus points) and even gets a bit violent (with a little nod to Aliens). Highpoint: Velociraptors. Low point: No Jeff Goldblum.

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Chris Pratt as dinosaur whisperer, yell ya! It was only a matter of time that the actor who made his name in Parks and Recreations as Andy who lived in a dirt hole would shift into the realm of family-fun, action-packed blockbuster territory. The special affects are eye-popping, the reminiscing of the first movie is almost eye watering and the full-on dinosaur head on collation is eye-mazing. There are however flaws with this prehistoric romp, mainly that Claire played by Bryce Dallas Howard – doing her best stuck-up-Signor-Weaver-circa-Alien impression – miraculously against all odds still has her silhouettes on at the end of film. Seriously tinseltown, how the heel, I mean hell, do you think a woman who gets chased by dinosaurs, navigates a muddy jungle, jumps into waterfalls and gets gun-toting while driving trucks can not have lost her shoes? Come on, if Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone broke her heels from one measly mudslide, your female protagonist would have taken those hideous beige poor excuse for closeted sexiness off at the first glimpse of the genetically modified T-Rex. I’m just saying. That aside, this is worth seeing on the big screen because no other format will do it justice.


Massive plot holes, poorly explained and fleshed out character motivations, lazily sexist, not funny enough, some cheesy nonsense... BUT DINOSAURS.

Much more thoroughly enjoyable than I was expecting and scarier than the first in the series. Spent a large proportion of the film jumping out of my seat or pinned to the back of my chair. A charismatic Chris Pratt, in all his handsome 3D glory, gets some funny lines and makes the film.  The applause and cheers in the audience at the end said it all. An entertaining 2 hours. Job done!