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Who knew that spur-of-the-moment blood revenge could prove a major dampener on future domestic bliss? Nic Cage does, especially after – in a moment of madness involving a bizarre vending-machine transaction – he unwittingly sanctions a louche stranger (Guy Pearce) to shoot holes in the slimebag that raped his wife (January Jones). Roger Donaldson’s buttoned-down conspiracy thriller posits that vigilante justice is both corrupt and corrupting, as we learn that Pearce’s ‘Simon’ is in fact the ringleader of a sect charged with taking out the trash – whatever their definition of ‘trash’ is, of course. And so Cage is coerced in to repaying his debt by administering a deadly nudge to a man he’s been told is a sex pervert. But is Simon spinning him a yarn?

Despite an effective, educational action sequence, which takes in the perils of sprinting across a motorway, ‘Justice’ is about as memorable as a morning shower. The moral conundrum at its core is dealt with in a slick, if cursory fashion, as ideas of loyalty and responsibility give way to shots of Cage shouting at various characters in vain attempts to clear his name. The protracted finale includes a gratuitous detour to a monster truck rally, leading to words that no fan of action cinema ever wants to hear: ‘Let’s transfer this showdown to the abandoned shopping mall next door.’ It’s not that ‘Justice’ doesn’t achieve its goals – but the goals are so modest that disappointment is inevitable.

By: David Jenkins


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday November 25 2011
Duration: 105 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Roger Donaldson
Cast: January Jones
Nicolas Cage
Guy Pearce

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2.5 / 5

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Not too shabby a movie.Worth a look.Wasnt expecting much from it & was actually looking 4ward to slating Justice in the review but looks like that will wait until GHOSTRIDER 2

Compared to Nic Cage's recent releases, this is surprisingly a fairly solid thriller. It won't win any awards - and Cage does the odd over-acting bit where he shouts and waves his arms a lot - but I've seen far worse films in the cinema this year. There was even one rather tense sequence where Cage has to cross a freeway while being shot at by the bad guys. Queue screeching cars and flattened bodies! Not as good as Kick Ass - but certainly not as bad as The Wicker Man.

Watched a triple today. Arthur Xmas was best, Twilight 4 worse (though it's the best of the series) and this in the middle. Just daft, angry with yourself for getting tense, everyone leaves the cinema contented entertainment. Problem? 6+/10

Really not that bad. Guy Pearce is great, but Nicolas Cage is starting to get really hammy and is worsening with age. Okay choice if you are looking to avoid the Twilight tripe!! Forgettable, but that iss not to say unwatchable.