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When brilliant but batty boffin Galabru is fired from his lab job, he retreats into a private world. Incensed by the banal idiocy of the TV he endlessly watches, he invents a gizmo which can kill the presenters, who both fascinate and repel him. The death ray is so ingenious that no one can fathom how the murderer operates, and investigating detective Bohringer comes into bitter conflict with the Ministry of Communications. As co-scripted and produced by Luc Besson (who passed it to his former assistant to direct), Kamikaze is an ambitious if somewhat slim satire on a society enthralled by the bland output of the box; not only Galabru's savagely demented performance, but the sharp, sumptuous, and very mobile widescreen photography, constitute a contemptuous attack on a medium which anybody in their right mind will already know is inferior to cinema. Not exactly substantial, but stylish fun.

By: GA

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89 mins

Cast and crew

Didier Grousset
Luc Besson, Didier Grousset
Richard Bohringer
Michel Galabru
Dominique Lavanant
Riton Leibman
Kim Massée
Harry Cleven
Romane Bohringer

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Actualy I saw this movie once in the begining of 90's in Egypt in childhood After that I forgot the Movie title, the Actor's name & the Director's name :( When I grew up I tried hard along years to remember anything about this movie, and I failed. Talking to users in Yahoo & IMDB to just know the title of the movie, I also failed. But, the only thing that I remember very perfect, is the story I tried to explain to others the story of the movie in Yahoo & IMDB Nobody know this movie & never heard about its story at all Until someone from many, told me the "Title", (Kamikaze) What is an awesome name, and unique movie Finaly I know it, but I really still want to see it again Could you please tell me how I got this Movie Sincerely Ahmed Sarwat