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I predicted in a review of ‘The Bounty Hunter’ that, while that was bad, there would be worse in 2010. Well, make way for Number One. Although the two films are similar – both are built on marital strife, knockabout violence and shouting – ‘Bounty Hunter’ at least had the comic charisma of Jennifer Aniston to paper over the cracks. With Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher in the leads, charm is not an option.

It’s a shame, because there’s a half-decent premise to ‘Killers’. Kutcher plays Spencer, a CIA hitman who turns in his gun when he falls for Heigl’s meek daddy’s girl. So it comes as a surprise to her when, three years into their marriage, it turns out all their suburban neighbours are also hired killers, paid to keep Spencer in line. Director Robert Luketic’s grasp of action is almost as ham-fisted as his understanding of character, and Kutcher and Heigl are unable to bring any warmth to what is at heart a bitter, cynical script. Just awful.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Rated: 12A
Release date: Friday June 18 2010
Duration: 100 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Robert Luketic
Cast: Katherine Heigl
Ashton Kutcher
Tom Selleck
Catherine O'Hara
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Sue Y

Spot on review - it's poorly written, bad acting and a truly awful ending


I can't believe Tom Huddleston said this was worse than the Bounty Hunter. 1 star to Tom Huddleston's taste and 3 to the film. It's an okay film, not brilliant, not terrible- perfect for a rainy afternoon when you can't be bothered thinking and need some light entertainment that is less vacuous than bring it on. It's entertaining and the people are nice to look at, plus Tom Selleck and his mo are in it- bonus! No need to get your knickers in a twist over it.


I went to see it twice i found it that good. The story line is wild, the twist at the end really funny, good characters, good acting i thought, looked like everyone was having fun, if you feeling down, definately go and see it and why did i go and see the movie the second time...well simply really, just to hear Aston speak French again...that along was worth the money of the movie. A must


While I will admit that I didn't really want ot see this film it is really bad. The reviewer's one star is fairly accurate. There is no plot or character development and th script is incoherent at best. It just lurches from one scene to the next. It seems mostly a vehicle for Aston Kutcher to take his shirt off because he sure can't act. Not in this film anyway altough even Tom Selleck can't do anything with this dialogue which seems as if it was written by a middle school student.. Selleck walks through a few scenes lovingly handling a gun. He was probably looking for the agent who signed him for this mess. Aston also produced the film and probably had a lot of influence with the "script" and the direction which are just infantile. I'm all for summer escapist stuff but with this film I just wanted to escape from the movie.


Unduly harsh. It is not a classic but the movie is fun and moves at a decent pace. If you just want some entertainment and have no expectations of seeing anything profound youll enjoy it. Heigl is great and the action is well paced. The story and script arent the best and the movie doesnt gel too well at times but it is a gently funny summer flick.