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3 out of 5 stars

Alex Proyas’s derivative sci-fi movie is a close encounter of the nerd kind, mixing Spielbergian child-like wonder, disaster movie spectacle and the cod-religious silliness of M Night Shyamalan’s ‘Signs’. The premise is compelling, but the execution is over-cooked.

A string of numbers scribbled by an obsessive schoolgirl back in 1959 is given to the son of MIT astrophysicist Nicolas Cage, when a time capsule buried fifty years before is disinterred. Although Cage’s father is a pastor, since the death of his wife he has believed that life is just a random string of accidents. Then he finds patterns in the numbers that seem to correspond to the dates of disasters, and starts to wonder if our fates really are predetermined.

Unfortunately, consideration of these weighty issues soon gives way to what feels like an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ on steroids. There is hard scientific talk about unusual solar flare activity, and intimations of a global ecological disaster. But then the pale-faced ‘Whispering People’ start handing out smooth black stones, and rationality gives way to portentous religious talk about God’s prophet Ezekiel. By the time single mother Rose Byrne, daughter of the now-dead 50s schoolgirl, takes Cage and his young son to the crazy lady’s abandoned mobile home in the woods, it’s easy to predict where this is headed.

The apocalyptic images are impressive, but what do they all add up to? You may end up asking yourself, in the spirit of Erich Von Däniken, ‘Was God An Astronaut?”



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Wednesday March 25 2009
121 mins

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Alex Proyas
Nicolas Cage
Rose Byrne
Chandler Canterbury
Lara Robinson
Ben Mendelsohn
D.G. Maloney
Nadia Townsend

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Wow im a tall 14 yr old and one piece of advice when ur watching it....dont watch it unless you have no fear im still shaking. It is a film though and it had me gripped till the end where it got abit silly but still best scary film ive seen in years.

Good film,brilliant effects,dont know what to think of the ending tho,but i would still see it again.

This is one of the best films I have seen for a long time. It has depth and some spirituality unlike the usual transparent titillating violence that seems to prevail. It poses many questions and is not necessarily a 'religious' film. It only seems to be religious to those people who seem think there nothing in life other than what you see. I though the acting was terrific and the story line excellent. I would certainly recommend it. It is not for you if you prefer play station game like films. Well done Nicholas Cage.

Went to see this movie yesterday and omg i dont know how people can say this is a crap movie or whatever and how you can say it does not make sense is beyond me seeing as it makes perfect sense. What excatlly is it in the movie that does not make sense or is not similiar to the reality we live in!? Do we not have planets, do we not have the sun, why excatlly is it not possible for what happened in the film to happen in real life! The only part that you are left to decide for your selve and is left to your religious beliefs is the aliens or angels whichever you may believe them to be, it is up to the person to decide wiether or not if they believe in spirtiual beings in the world greater than us, what i liked particilaurlly is the ending the ending makes perfect sense it has a religious meaning and relates to adam and eve in the garden of eden, as adan and eve did the boy and girl are left to create a new life. and dont hurl insults at the people who actually liked this film, everyone has their own taste in films so you cant expect everyone to have the opnion of the film being crap!

This is a great film with everything you want in a film -horror,action,fit women(the daughter of the girl at the begining) and leaves you thinking after the film about the future. I was so freaked out in parts and you should definetly go and see this

Birlliant film u definitly need 2 go 2 the cinema 2 see it, special effects are amazing!!! I went 2 see it with 4 friends who all thorght it was great aswell, the bit where the train crashes actually made 1 of my friends cry! Absolutly amazing special effects and the sounds they put with them makes them life like and horrifing. The "whisper people" make u jump abit, and i liked the ending, keeps ur mind open. Definitly will be buying it when it comes out on dvd!

amazing movie. saw it today. the alien guys to start with scared me because i thought they were like .. zombies or something xD but it was an amazing film. and the end of it is very relistic and could happen in some respects

I just went and seen it, i really enjoy'ed the graphics Nic Cage had the most exadurated facial expresions out of everyone in the whole movie as in all his others, The little boy may need to practice on his crying but well done. It was beautiful at the end to see these alian like spirit beings grow wings as they acended, The girl from the 50's was really Scary, i thought the Tree of LIfe was beautiful :-) had me emotional to some degree thru out the movie, dunno about the part with the bunnies but was cute though, The whole thought about the Sun, Earth, Solar System thing kinda REALLY freeked me out and makes me wonder now what will ever happen in the future, The end bit had me on the edge of my seat when all the buildings where being consumed by the impact of heat and flames and then the zoom out was really scary to imagin if that really was happening!!! poor animals with the dream the boy or Nicolas had, , i may be a bad judge but i liked it some craphics with the train could have been a bit better and Nic needs to stop over exadorating and act more natural lol thumbs up for me !!!, Good movie otherwise, .

great movie. It was kind of freaky. The girl in the beginning geez., and those angels that we didnt know about appearing randomly freaky. Prepare to be freaked out at parts. but overall great movie.

ok let me tell you people off right now, I think this is the best movie I've seen in the last... year or so. Im ten and some of this movie is creepy because of the realistic graphics. in exemple: the plane crash scene. A 747 crashes on a highway and people are caught in the blaze. Now with the graphics, this is probably the most scariest part of the whole movie. The ending is okay. all in all, its worth going to the movies to see it and buy the DVD

Seems that there are two kinds of people: those who love it and those who hate it. One thing is for sure - it doesn't leave you neutral. Personally, I think this was one of the best movies I have seen in the last 10 years, also the ending was, in my opinion, very well done, because, as someone already said, most movies would have ended when the spaceship takes off to the sky and that's it. I always get mad when I would like to see what happens next, but then the movie disappointingly just ends ands leaves everything else for the imagination. In this movie, the ending is delaid, and rightfully so, although a bit childish, but it didn't disturb me. The storyline was also easy to follow. All in all, great movie.

I read some reviews before watching this movie and began to think i was going to regret watching this movie. it really wasnt that bad of a movie. It was kinda a mix of some sort of sci fi movie and th movie 'signs'. the begining of the movie was more like a horror movie toward the end it was more science fiction. Though it was predictale at times, the whole idea with the numbers predicting major disasters was very interesting. the ony thing i would heave changed about the numbers would be the way the introduce their powers of predicting th future. I felt that they went into it too fast and left it too soon. It would have been better if they eased into it and stuck to it a little longer. Religion- What i dont understand is why so many people were criticizing it for being too anti religous. if they had any religous bonein their body they would have noticed that in the last scene the two children were adam and eve and the tree was like he tree of life. At the same time there were peple complaining that it was too religous. this i also dont get because toward the begining of the mmovie the was this whole speech about how everything is just a coincidence and there is no meaning to anything. honeestly i think most of these people arent even paying attention t the movie. I can understand why people were criticizing the ending of the movie but it want too bad. the only thing that was awkward was the way the aliens departed. it was too cinderellla story of an exit in my opinion. how ever they did do a great job with ending the movie with the children on the other planet as some sorta Adam and eve. Over all i thought it was a very good movie. The special effects could have used some work but the best part of seeing movies is to analyze the inner meaning. i would defnately recommend this movie to some one unless they dont like scifi or nicholas cage.

Let me start off by saying I almost never write reviews but I am amazed at the amount of people who apparently just didn't get this movie. I just finished watching this movie and I'm not quite sure exactly how I feel about it but I'm going to say I really really liked it. I'm probably confused just cuz I didn't expect to get so much enjoyment out of this movie. I'm going to go ahead and break my "review" into sections so its a bit easier to read since I have a lot to say. Acting: First off, some people don't like Nicholas Cage. If thats the case why are you watching a movie where he is the main character. I'm glad you're giving him a chance to redeem himself but don't be disappointed if he didn't deliver, you were probably expecting him to suck anyway. I have no problems with Nicholas cage and his acting. I really don't think you should be going into a movie thinking about the acting in the first place. You should go watch a movie to see a story unfold and not how it was technically made, unless of coarse you are part of or aspiring to be in the industry. Some people said the acting in this movie kinda wooden or emotionless. It might have been part of the style of the movie, though I personal think it fits the characters. This guy is a scientist, he's rational, plus he's just gone through some rough stuff. He's kinda emotionally detached. Whatever the case may be the acting style was intentional and not a mistake or "Bad Acting". Special Effects: I'm not exactly sure what people mean by this. If you're talking about technically how realistic the CGI created parts look then there is really nothing too special. Most movies theses days have excellent special effects that look completely realistic. If you are talking about how visually appealing the movie is in general then yes the movie does have great visually appealing scenes. Especially the plane crash and the later parts of the movie. Storyline: I usually have a hard time following more elaborate storylines but this was very easy for me to follow. I don't know what people are talking about when they say its full of plot holes. Most things people mention actually are explained, so they probably weren't paying attention. The other things people mention are things that don't need to be explained. For instance some ask why the aliens want to help humans in the first place. Well maybe they just thought we were cute and wanted to keep us as pets. Maybe they want to keep the universe in balance. Maybe they want to harvest us for food. The point is they have their reasons, just because it wasn't explained doesn't mean they didn't have one. Others complain that the characters do things that don't make sense. First of all they are in some pretty unique circumstances so I doubt what people would take as normal behavior would apply here. Second, Of coarse I wouldn't leave my kids alone in the car especially if I suspected that people where after them, but guess what. I'm not in the movie and neither are you. Unfortunately some people do things like this in real life all the time. Sure it doesn't make sense but it happens. It actually makes the movie more believable when the characters make mistakes or poor decisions as this more closely resembles real life. The Ending: Hearing what people had to say about the ending is what prompted me to write this in the first place. Though I can't say the "whisper people" turning out to be aliens was completely expected it really wasn't surprising. People make it seem like the writers were siting around trying to figure out how to end the movie when someone just shouted hey! why don't we make those creepy guys aliens! To say the alien notion came out of nowhere is completely false. This was definitely integrated throughout the movie. In the very beginning of the movie the whisper people seem like just creepy regular people, but as the film goes on it is revealed that they actually have the ability to whisper into the minds of people and show them visions. This, of coarse, leads to the only conclusion that the whisper people are some kind of supernatural entity be it demon/angel/witch/alien/ghost/psychic etc. By about the halfway point of the movie its really just a matter of finding out which one of these supernatural beings they are going to turn out to be. It wasn't meant to be a shocking twist and if you were paying attention it wouldn't have been. I thought the ending was one of the best i've seen in a long time. Most movies would have ended after showing the aliens taking the children into space and would have faded to the credits, but it actually continues on a bit more. Bringing closure to what happens to Earth and it's inhabitants but leaving it up to the viewer as to what will happen to the children on their new planet. I love my happy endings (especially the cheesy 80's movie kind) where everyone is saved and they all live happily ever after, but this is not one of those movies, it's not supposed to be. A magical happy ending wouldn't fit the storyline or the over all darker feel of the rest of the film. It's a nice sobering experience and is not without its glimmer of hope as the children are given a chance to start over. I would like to point out that some archeologist and historians believe that some of the Earth's ancient cultures and religious stories are actually influenced by extraterrestrials. For instance the story of Ezekiel being taken up into heaven actually is very similar to modern day stories of alien abduction. To Ezekiel it would seem as an act of God as extraterrestrials would be incomprehensible. If you knew about this alternate theory of world history the portion of the film involving the image of ezekiel would have made more sense as well as the ending. I mentioned this just as another example to prove the alien ending did not just come out of left field and also to bring me to my next topic. Religion(Or lack there of): Can someone please explain to me how a christian viewer complained that the movie was anti religious because it implied that God didn't exist and aliens were responsible for everything and then in the very next post a nonreligious person complained that it was overly religious and he was being forced fed the notion that not accepting God would result in burning in hell which is portrayed by all the "nonbelievers" of the aliens being left to burn on Earth. Seriously people. For the record I am a christian but it really doesn't matter since this movie really isn't forcing you to believe in any one way. From what I understand the filmmakers intention was to use the aliens as a metaphor for religion but its really subtly done. I came away with the feeling that the end of the movie with the two kids and the tree implied that the aliens had left humans with a similar situation before on Earth with Adam and Eve and the tree of life, playing into the notion of the alternate history theory i mentioned in the end of the previous section. What I don't understand is why the christian didn't see the religious metaphor and why the nonreligious person didn't take the literal "scientific" view. It would seem to me like they were both looking for a reason to not like this movie. THE WHOLE POINT: I believe there a two main reasons people are giving this movie a bad review. First, they went to the movie thinking it would be a genre other than SciFi thanks to the misleading advertising so popular with the film industry these days. It really pisses me off when they tell me a movie is gonna be one way just to get my money and it turns out to be completely different. This would also help explain why most people thought the ending wasn't good because it supposedly came out of nowhere. Second, People hear the film has bad reviews so they enter the theatre with a negative view about the film and begin to watch for things they would find disagreeable thus becoming a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. If you liked The Day the Earth Stood Still you will love this movie. It's kinda a mix between that, the movie Signs and War of the Worlds with maybe a little I-Robot and Armageddon thrown in. I am not saying it is impossible not to like this movie. If you don't like SciFi, fine you probably wont like this movie. If you don't like Nicholas Cage for some reason then fine you won't like this movie. I just don't want people to tell others this movie sucked based on false statements or because its not their particular cup of tea. The movie has to be somewhat interesting for me to write such a long post about it. If you've read this far then you definitely have more than enough of an attention span to enjoy this movie. If you don't want to watch this movie since you already know a lot about it, I would highly suggest viewing this movie a few months later when the hype has died down and it has been released on DVD/BluRay and watch it with a couple of friends. I you don't enjoy it you'll at least enjoy the thought provoking debate you and your friends might have or the fun of endless ripping on how "awful" the film was.

Don't listen to all the negative comments here its a really good film ...don't miss it its the best I have seen all year ....and the ending is good

I watched this film with my teenage son age 15. I think it was one of the best spine chilling horror spirtualist films I have ever seen. And it was gripping al lthroughout the film. The cinematography was superb too. I really enjoyed it all and so did my teenage son. Niclolas Cage played a great part.. A great film and well wotth going to the cinema to watch it.

I liked this movie , it was enjoyable, Ending sucked major balls. But overall i think it was good

i really liked this film, for one reason. the ending. (yes i know everybody else is disappointed by the ending) but i believe it can broaden everybodys mind if they allow it, its trying to piece together stories from the bible, collaborating it with scientific knowledge. for those who are 100% christian it can open their eyes that science is an important role of life, but also to the none believers it shows that science can not work on its own, and doesnt hold the answers to everything.

The movie was Amazing!!! It had an unuasual twist which was really different. The pale people i thought were aliens, actually they're angels you can see the wings! One of the best movies i've seen so far! Cage was great! The endng i felt really opened up your mind as to life after this world, so it definitely had you thinking. Overall, the ending was more than i expected, it was fascinating!!!

This movie was very freaky and sad. I cried during {SPOILER} during the part when the kids left the Earth. It was super sad. But the ending was suckish. And could've been better.

it's a good movie, the sound and visuals are astounding. i was also surprised cause it is not what I've expected because the movie doubled my expectations. i also think sir alex proyas was so right about the end, i think the concept came from the book 'the chariots of the gods' by Erich Von Haniken. the idea of predetermined events, bright lights, and angels riding a spaceship. I'll bet that it really came from the book! all in all it's still the best movie i saw lately. i really like all the effects. but i really freaked-out 'cause 'the whisperers' really gives me the creeps. :p

Have to say this is probably the best film seen for ages. Special effects were amazing, makes you think, about what could possibly happen, aliens were slightly 'odd' maybe but still fantastic film and am definitely going again.

It was a decent movie. Movies are meant to be capturing and entertaining, and i thought Knowing was pretty good. It captures the viewers in the beginning and it was tense. However, i did not like the alien part. it was wayyyy to scifi, and i didn't know this movie would be a sci-fi. However, the moments kept me off my seat and were literally jaw-dropping.

The entire movie was a good discussion put on film tastefully. It was intense. It had its hard to believe moments (Search for lucinda) but overall exceptional special effects, that tried to bring the moment to life without being more horrific than needed. The story was pretty fast paced, but didn't lose the audience. I recommend seeing it, but with an open mind so you get the full enjoyment intended. Can't say more, gives the story away!

Firstly, I would recomment this film, go in with an open mind. The film is based mostly on fate - everything happens for a reason. It is very interesting and cleverly done there is a hint of religion in it but nothing too direct. I personally am of no religion and found it understandable, it was intense at some points giving the film an edge to it. It isn't the kind of film which I would normally choose, however, it turned out to be one of the best films I've seen. My friend said the same about the film. The graphics are exceptionally good and the ending is appropriate to the rest of the movie. I would just like to point out that the aliens are not playing God they are merely transportation to the new world which they obviously knew was safe. So I suggest giving it a go thats the only way you will know for yourself because I feel some of these reviews are a bit harsh.

Just saw this...A lot more disturbing than I thought it'd be. Flaming people, people being cut in two, the ending, etc.

i just saw the movie today, and it was AMAZING. This story waws awsome. They ending could have been better but whatever. And the big tree was refering to Adam and Eve and the apples. =)

"knowing"is the BEST EVER FILM MADE!!!! utterly fantastic !!!Nicholas Cage fantastic actor,deserves an Oscar 4this one !!!! worth the watch,people were even clapping leaving the cinema!!!!....and "yes" its to do with religion,obviously !!!!!....why do people think its to do with aliens????eh????, it shows you have to understand and believe in religion,to understand it.Basically what the film is showing at the end ,is what obviously will happen one day........nothing lasts 4ever !!!!

I enjoyed the movie, ending was a bit silly. however, it did get me thinking about a lot of things. Why did the aliens want to save the human race? and if so why take only children? if only children were to restart a civilisation, all the past hundreds of years worth of prgress in science, technology and literature is lost. So unless the aliens were keeping them as pets, the human race would have to re start from scratch regarding technology. And also, a solar flare can happen any time!

Gutsy taking on a topic that's so easy to criticize, very well and convincingly acted, tanstastic disturbing opening sequence - in fact lots of terrific/disturbing questions thrown up by this film. The whole spiritual element was handled very deftly. Some think this film takes itself too seriously. I say - let go a little and let the story take you ! This one delivers, *especially* the ultimate sacrifice made by the father at the end which any parent would relate to intensely. A must see.

This movie was great, ppl whining about there silly religious beliefs need to shut up and enjoy the movie for what it is . Awesome effects, riveting emotion and Nicholas cage! A formula for awesome.

Excellent movie and very realistic special effects. I won't sleep tonight, scared me to death

As I expected this film has bypassed a lot of people looking for a nice, neatly wrapped no-brain disaster pic. I'm not going to try and claim it was the best movie ever, however I'm happy to be one of the few who seem to have got something from it. Im also not a religious person, yet i still understood enough of the references without feeling it was shoving christianity down my throat. In many ways i felt it was almost a re-imagining of parts of the bible. Either way I found the big set pieces stunningly and almost disturbingly well executed. It may not be the best or worst movie ever...but in creating debate has it not suceed as entertainment in some way? Go see it, but dont expect an easy watch.

'Knowing' is one of the scariest, most horrific imaginative, deep, disturbing, emotionally wrecking sci-fi 's I have ever seen. The film is extremely well made, I loved the production values, marvellous special effects, wonderful sound, and soundtrack including Beethoven's haunting 7th symphony. A many layered plot and beautifully executed production. Don’t believe the critics. There is no biblical, or green or moral message trying to be flogged . It does however highlight the fragility of what we have in the world and in our personal lives. It shocks us with explicit scenes of devastating carnage. My emotional buttons were hammered to the extent that I had tears . I found the people and animals being burnt to death, and smashed to smithereens extremely realistic and agonisingly disturbing. The crying and screaming mixed in with the mangling of flesh, metal and stone chilled me to the bone. Towards the climax the story gets ever more hopeless. The end is what I can only describe as a cosmological catastrophe leaving me feeling that an extreme event could so easily happen and in event would be inescapable. I found the intervention by visitors scary as well as a sumptuous spectacle. Sci fi heaven. It is a must see....

Best Movie of the year so far! Not One person above has referred to the Rapture! Read about the Rapture and the movie will make sense.

excellent sci fiction -in league with the best if you do not understand it it your loss and pete if you did not understand or thought that post was pointless was it not pointless for PETE TO POST A POST ON THAT POST LOLZ

ignorance might not be a bliss but NEITHER does knowledge solve all the human equations of misery ,and that is a very wise question to tabulate as put forth by proya in this visually stunning epic or disaster movie about the sanctimony of DOOMSDAY and the relationship between humanity and divinity . it is a very mature look at the responsibility that humanity wields for the price of acquiring knowledge itself and whether we really deserve that esteemed privilege to control that ethereal power is a very relevant riddle -a very prodigal theme expressed in a very prosaic mode by proyas and nicholas cage gets another winner after lords of war in a really rewarding role with an enthralling execution . meaningful yet resoundingly entertaining cinema with a lustrous style and spectacular special effects combined with a rather stirring theme which is both a modern fable and a satire on the current corrupt human milieu with metaphors which are expressions for perceived human reality as compared to virtual time . this exposes both the flaws in human conception of logic and the idea of divinity itself while rendering the exception as the rule in its subtle and nuanced narrative . fantasy becomes logical without making you hallucinate or question the paradigms of knowledge itself and that itself is an artistic endeavour ,as we are carried into a world of twilight dreams and nightmares where light merges into darkness itself and emerges in the script with an ebullient flourish as both artistic entertainment . this is the other side of the argument as insanity becomes genius and delusions become knowledge while facts fuse into fiction in a satire on modern world riddled with the paranoia of terror,just as it exposes the fragility and strengths of the human spirit . that introverted innocence triumphs as the story oF GENESIS is rendered with an elegant style over evil has to be an endeavour in the equation of kubricks 2001 . an eventful movie with a moral conviction yet hugely entertaining too where fact fuses into fiction to bring forth a futuristic fable as in an existential parallel universe. this is an eloquent equivocal to an exquisite equation which reveals an inert world bent upon self destruction . the entity perceived as extra terrestrial is euphemistic here for an ethereal ideology of human heritage and the epic intelligently exploits and experiments with visual artistry about logic and insanity in a multi layered message MUST SEE

I just got back from seeing the movie got to say i really enjoyed it ... visually it was appealling and the ending was symbollic

Knowing was a riveting film with an unforgiving ending. I think the majority of viewers who dislike the film find the lack of "feel-good" ending disconcerting and upsetting, but I found it fit the rest of the film. Instead of a watered down "And your favorite characters survive"-ending, we received a stellar performance from Cage who ultimately makes an intelligent decision based on the stark, grim reality facing him. At that moment you'd hope more parents were given the option of saving their children and having them act as nobly. The graphics were phenomenal and the pacing of the film kept the intensity flowing. All in all, a great movie that's highly recommended.

Hands down best movie I've seen this year. Very intersting graphics and story line. AMAZING 5 Stars for me. I don't care waht anyone thinks.

I don't think this movie is about thwarting Christianity or Judism. It's actually the opposite. It's about a man who, at the beginning of the movie didn't believe in god despite his father being a pastor. At the end of the movie when the angels (not aliens if you noticed the wings) take the kids to a new eden to restart the human race you realize this is the rapture and the whole movie is about religion and being saved by god. Nick Cage's character meets up with his sister, mom, and dad. Right before they all die his dad says, "This isn't the end." Cage's character replies, "I know." This just shows that the movie isn't about the kids going to restart civilization but a man's realization of God and life after death. The director shows that life can end at any moment by the realism of the disaster scenes so your belief in God is essential and is the savior in this movie as he is in real life.

Best film I've seen this year, next to Watchmen. The ending was absolutely mind blowing. I'm guessing that people who hated this film didn't understand it. Like PDB for instance, totally disagree with his criticisms. This movie broke hollywood cliches. It's about redemption in the face of inevitability, not some happy dappy hero-saves-the-day kind of film. No, this is serious heavy apocalyptic and gut-wrenching kind of stuff with a bittersweet ending. I highly recommend seeing it, even if for nothing else than the huge special effects.

It was very good up until the last 5 minutes. The last 5 mintues were cheesy and did not fit the movie. Other than that it was great and totally worth seeing. i'd give it an 8 out of 10.

I really enjoyed this movie. Cage's acting was an afterthought and the CGI was astonishing. Tehre were some cliche moments but really it's hard to make something this creative AND original AND good at the same time, so it was well done in my opinion. I liked it more than a lot of people I think, and would personally rate it a 9/10. The ending, for me, pulled the movie together, but a lot of people found it silly. But with people nowadays it's one thing or another, so whatever.

Short & sweet- great sci do movie with great special effects. Interesting storyline. Only if u are a die hard jew or Christian it tries to thwart your faith at the end. Best movie of the year so far!

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