Lady Chatterley's Lover

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A ghastly movie. For all his funny ideas, DH Lawrence could string a sentence together. Take away the words, leave the story and the sex, and you have something very trite indeed. Jaeckin's prissy-pretty approach in concept, direction and photography is simply the pornography of mediocrity; Lawrence needs the runaway Ken Russell touch. Kristel gives a boring performance, even allowing for the English dubbing, and she plays it with the expression of a pall-bearer - her contribution to the film's good taste pretensions. She may think she's sloughed off the Emmanuelle image. Wrong. This stupid movie conclusively proves that there's nothing to choose between an airplane lay and a gamekeeper's hut.

By: JS

Release details

Duration: 104 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Just Jaeckin
Screenwriter: Christopher Wicking, Just Jaeckin
Cast: Sylvia Kristel
Nicholas Clay
Shane Briant
Ann Mitchell
Elizabeth Spriggs
Bessie Love
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This movie was such a disappointment. Absolutely no chemical buildup between Kristel and Clay - just straight into a sex scene making the game keeper a rapist. The poetic essence of what Lawrence was trying to say was lost. The acting was wooden by all characters, particularly the women.