L'Amour à Mort

Film, Comedy
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Azéma and Arditi are star-crossed lovers. When Arditi is 'resurrected' from a mysterious, fatal collapse, their love is intensified but confounded by his medical and spiritual status: is he a dead man? Has he been resurrected from an afterlife he doesn't believe in? Did he dream it? Cleric friends (Ardant and Dussollier) are enlisted to solve the conundrum, only to find their own beliefs compromised. It's shot in short, oddly stylised scenes, punctuated by mysterious footage of drifting plankton (make of that what you will). Both a discourse on love, life and belief, and a tale of extreme romantic love, it looks to be Resnais' most straightforward film to date. But there's a suspect, often humorous archness about it, to suggest he may be playing one of his biggest intellectual tricks yet.

By: JG

Release details

Duration: 93 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Alain Resnais
Screenwriter: Jean Gruault
Cast: Fanny Ardant
Jean Dasté
Sabine Azéma
André Dussollier
Pierre Arditi
Geneviève Mnich

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2.5 / 5

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I found it hard to warm to this film. I like Resnais but this treatment of life overshadowed by death:when is dead man not dead,when he's mysteriously ressurrected.Even then he's like the walking dead to his lover who's only known him briefly.This is about love unto death and beyond.What did he learn in the afterlife before his strange ressurrection?He liked what he saw,may have even wanted to stay.In his 'new' life with his partner he's like McCavity the mystery cat when he's not doing archaeology,liable to pop off or disappear.They prepare for his redeath by wanting to do all the things they would have like to do if they'd have lived a normal life.Their cleric friends(another couple) cannot convert them to a more Christian view of life and death. Arditi dies again after getting to make mad passionate love a few times to Azema.However Azema promises to join him in the afterlife feeling against her friends'wishes this is the best she'll ever know of love.They are forced to question whether their religious books have lost some types of love in translation rendering their advice futile. Small scenes are divided up by even smaller interludes of music by Hanze Werner Heinze and scenes of either falling snow or dust motes.I found this device irritating after a while.Azema goes off to join her dead lover as she walks off into the dark.I found it dour and gloomy beyond belief.