L'Amour, l'Argent, l'Amour

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Classified as 'experimenta' by the London Film Festival, this follows two feckless young fugitives from the underclass on the road to nowhere obvious. He's an out-of-work labourer with his arm in a cast, she's a happy-go-lucky prostitute, and together they drift through the German lowlands, sometimes roughing it, sometimes selling their services, eventually reaching France and the sea. It's moody and watchable in a languorous sort of way (with doe-eyed soundtrack music from Velvet Underground and Yo La Tengo), but vague and unformulated if you're looking for drama or any sense of import.

By: NB

Release details

Duration: 134 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Philip Gröning
Screenwriter: Philip Gröning, Michael Busch
Cast: Sabine Timoteo
Florian Stetter
Dierk Prawdzik
Gerhard Fries
Thomas Gimbel
Michael Schech
Marquard Bohm
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