Le Cousin

Film, Thrillers
While not stinting on hold-ups, bungled drug busts and so on, this has its heart in the relationship between glum detective Chabat and his snitch (Timsit), a dope-pusher of Pesci-like volatility. (Cousin is flic-speak for a cop's personal informer.) Their part of the movie is plausible and unpredictable. The generic aspects (the edgy camaraderie of the squadroom, the motorway car chase, the neglected family) is okay-ish, and there's an agreeably low body count; but we've been there so often before.

By: BBa

Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Alain Corneau
Michel Alexandre, Alain Corneau
Alain Chabat
Patrick Timsit
Agnès Jaoui
Marie Trintignant
Samuel Le Bihan
Caroline Proust
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