Le Journal de Lady M

It's a stormy Parisian night. Tempestuous Spanish painter Diego (Puigcorbé) shelters in a club doorway and is strangely attracted by the music within. Soon he's transfixed before girl pop-group Lady M, ogling the lead singer (Mézières) undulating in a silk slip. Their ensuing tangled affair is written up in Lady M's diary, with much pen-sucking and curling up on sofas. This project clearly meant something to Mézières and Tanner, but, like their first collaboration, A Flame in My Heart, it turns out to be little more than ill-written (but graphic) soft porn. When Diego's wife Nuria (Wouassi) joins the couple in bed, M pleads, 'Save me from becoming a dead tree.' Worth seeing, if at all, for the sex, but mostly just plain silly.

By: SFe

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112 mins

Cast and crew

Alain Tanner
Myriam Mézières
Myriam Mézières
Juanjo Puigcorbé
Félicité Wouassi
Antoine Basler
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