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Ah, how we miss the days of screwball comedy, when romance lived or died depending on the bite of your banter. Most attempts to resurrect the genre fall flat, yet hope springs eternal: if anybody were capable of pulling off this Lazarus act, it’d be George Clooney, the guy with the old-school movie star looks and respect for old Hollywood? The fact that Clooney comes close with his anarchic American football farce only makes this well-intended throwback all the more frustrating. The movie gets lots of things right, yet it fumbles key facets so badly that you simply can’t christen it the gridiron version of ‘His Girl Friday’.

To his credit, the director-star evokes the early era of pro football with panache, capturing the moment when the game went from a shyster’s paradise to a sanctioned industry. Clooney also knows how to channel the Gable-Cooper-McCrea charm like a champ. It’s the dizzy dame in the love triangle who gums up the works. Playing a Hildy Johnson-style reporter, Renée Zellweger can’t reach screwball speed: she’s no Miriam Hopkins, much less Barbara Stanwyck or Carole Lombard. It’s a tall order but when Zellweger tries to attain motormouth velocity, the pace falls three beats behind and everyone else scrambles to regain lost ground. In another comedy, she’d be a weak link. For this fast-talking team effort, she is almost the kiss of death.


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Friday September 5 2008
114 mins

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George Clooney
Duncan Brantley, Rick Reilly
George Clooney
Renée Zellweger
John Krasinski
Stephen Root
Wayne Duvall
Jonathan Pryce
Jack Thompson
Max Casella
Marian Seldes

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clooneys got an empty head its impossible to imagine clooney doing this after micheal clayton and syriana.he always had a weakness for vintage hollywood -GOOD GERMAN was his tribute to CASABLANCA ,and it worked partially ,but this is too dumbheaded to work at any level and its meant to be multi-dimensional too.god help us poor souls . it borrows shamelessly from HIGH SOCIETY,PHILADELPHIA STORY,SOME LIKE IT HOT ,SABRINA And multiple old goldies to amalgamate a vile concoction with modern sport classics like the worthy COSTNER CLASSICS-FIELD OF DREAMS and BULL DURHAM ,needless to say it falls flat on its face ,its ambition almost reduces you to tears and the comedy becomes a pathetic tragedy . at times when renee indulged in her cynical comments ,i almost thought she equalled hilary clinton in her almost self-destructively fatal criticism of senator obama ,she plays a shrewish chicago tribune journalist ,was this a sequel to CHICAGO,I GUESS NOT-but then why was everyone trying to look like cary grant and lombard ,and all they got was egg on their face in the end ,the plot was non -existent as a yankee war hero confesses to being a dumbhead ,nothing new about that as we know they shoot more friends then foes -he is also a baseball champ,no wonder as they are all dumbheads too ,only difference is here they are called leatherheads -clooney could not have suggested a better title for this dumbhead of a movie -the rest is too complicated to see or describe-its easier to miss this dumb sports epic then watch it the scene in the trenches says it all -taking the audience for a ride or retaining any left overs of intelligence from your own head ,its anybodys guess. renee is good but she is no grace kelly or kate hepburn,much less marilyn monroe and clooney has a persona which works better off screen then on it ,he has age catching up as a withered old playboy , and his once handsome face is wrinkled and unworthy of playing a young romantic lead ,mr micheal clayton is what fits him now and renee needs and deserves witty scripts like chicago which had similar larger then life satire pieces but had the intelligence and style to deliver it too, this is as empty as a scarecrows brains and thats an undestatement . good german was a classic compared to this ,this is a sic joke

This film gave me a major boner. I just love to see guys run about in leather. I especially love the nude arse whipping and bondage scenes.

This film gave me a major boner. I just love to see guys run about in leather. I especially love the nude arse whipping and bondage scenes.

The sparse audience should have been an indication of what we were to expect with this dire George Clooney directed period romcom. Other than the pleasing sepia visual effects, the single dimensional central characters plodded through the thin storyline unable to lift our mood above the "yes I'm faintly amused, but isnt this old tosh going on a bit?" level.Nobody was convinced or even cared less that George,playing a faded football quaterback, was completely unsuited to the feckless investigative reporter played by Zelwegger. Barely a titter was to be heard from of any section of the auditorium at any point ,who like myself,appeared to have lost the will to live. Oh,I forgot to mention the unforgivable continuety gaffes. Although i am keen supporter of dear George, especially after the excellent Syriana and Michael Clayton thrillers, I urge you dear readers, not to waste your hard earned money on this shallow tripe.It would only encourage the poor fellow to labour under the illusion that this dull effort was worth repeating with another incomprehensible american sport related "comedy". Or did I just nod off at a critical moment in the plot? Unfortunately I did'nt!