Like Crazy

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Like Crazy
Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones in Like Crazy

This transatlantic indie-romance charmed the socks off Sundance last year – sparking an all-night studio bidding war and catapulting its British star Felicity Jones to the dizzy heights of Carey, Keira et al. It’s not hard to see why. Like a sweeter ‘Blue Valentine’, it gets under the skin of a relationship: will it or won’t it last? Here, it’s intoxicating first love, so there’s less at stake: no kids or nasty, raw disappointment to contend with, and no visible scars.

Jones is Anna, a British student spending a year at a Californian university. She has her eye on classmate Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and they exchange meaningfuls across a crowded seminar. She leaves a kooky note on his car windscreen. He calls. They meet. Back at her flat she wows him with a legendary come-on line: ‘Do you want a drink? I only have whisky.’ They fall for each other in giddy scenes snatched up-close-and-intimate on handheld (one too many montages of tangled lithe limbs possibly). In a reckless moment, Anna overstays her visa, but soon returns to London. And for seven years they back and forth, putting to the test that old line that distance is to love like wind is to fire: it’ll fan the flames or put them out.

The acting is mostly improvised – often a licence for pretension. Not here. Twenty-eight year-old director Drake Doremus has picked wisely: Jones and Yelchin give intelligent performances. Jones in particular pulls off the tricky feat of showing Anna ageing from year to year – from slouchy student in vintage dresses to glossy-haired junior magazine editor. In places, it teeters like a house of cards, all that flimsy, dizzily youthful feeling threatening to collapse in on itself. But it doesn’t. Doremus gently braves some bittersweet truths. Is it true love? Or is the reality less like the movies: a fantasy of being in love that Anna and Jacob can’t let go of?

By: Cath Clarke


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Release date: Friday January 27 2012
Duration: 89 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Drake Doremus
Cast: Anton Yelchin
Felicity Jones
Jennifer Lawrence

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2.4 / 5

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Chlo Fo

This is all a bit wet and uneventful, I get its going for that indie real-life vibe, but in reality, not a lot happened and the characters were rather irritating. If she'd just got on the flipping flight, then all would be good with the world.

Bowen's win

Hmm. Unsure about this one? I liked the lack of cliches and Felicity Jones was excellent. Loved the scene where they had a grouchy argument in the market which carried on at her flat as to me it was so convincing and real! The plot kept me guessing to the end. Her ever so English parents and her English boyfriend started to irritate me, maybe they were meant to? but an enjoyable transatlantic tale that was not overlong and so kept me interested until the final shower scene..


As I left the film last night I was full intending to start my review with a phrase like "I haven't been so disappointed by a film" and fully intended to give it two stars. However on reflection I think it is worth a bit more. Yes Iain is right there is a desire to give them both a slap and yes it is very slow burning. However the basic problem with the film is that it is a flim made by art house fans for art house fans. It doesn't surprise me that it garnered a bidding war. It is a film that will be loved by film buffs but ignored by everyon else. It defies logic that two attractive and smart women fall in love with Jacob. It is a story of two young people who have no money issues and apparently inhabit a world alien to 99.9% of the population. It is film about how easy it is to fall in love in a coccoon. How the deep and meaningful man who uses his hands falls in love with the lost in the clouds romantic girl, In the film The Princess Bride the narrator tells of the great love stories of all time. I will give you a clue this isn't one of them. It is a story of how people with no worries and no common sense make decisions in haste unaware of the fact that their actions have consequences, The fist of two decisions made by Jones's character dominate the rest of the film. It is easy to fall in love much more difficult to stay in love. As they are separated she can't commit to them being together and he won't. The marriage sums up the lack of thought by the female lead as a means of rescuing a relationship that really already is broken. At the films end the two scenes firstly in the room were the leads are in the same room but not together then the lack of intimacy in the shower shows just how far they have drifted apart where both would probably be happier with their other partners. It is a story with an important message but sadly it is told about two characters who you find it difficult to care about by a film maker making a film for his mates not for the general public. There are important points made in the film but sadly the demographic it should be aimed at i.e young peolple between 16 and 30 were all off to watch something else on a Saturday night. There were 3 people watching this film on a saturday night in my local multiplex. What could have been a much better film in the hands of a Mike Leigh flatters to deceive. It is only just worth 2 1/2 stars.


Cannot agree with this positive review. After about 5 mins I wanted to smack the two main characters and after 10 I was really ready to walk out. Annoying idiot characters which garner no sympathy make it very hard to care what happens to their on and off relationship. Ultimately nothing really of not except how excruciatingly annoying it was.