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For all the ballyhoo about Chariots of Fire, Forsyth's is the more significant film because it rediscovers a genre that was once among the British cinema's proudest achievements. Local Hero, which concerns the frustrations of a Texas oilman's attempts to buy up an idyllic Scottish village, ranks as a lyrical anti-urban comedy in the great tradition of films like I Know Where I'm Going and Whisky Galore!; and its essential triumph is to prove that comedy can still contain a gentle, almost mystical, aspect without necessarily being old-fashioned. The film achieves this best in its superb sense of location and the haunting contrast between Texas and Scotland. Forsyth cannot quite tease out of his characters the kind of strange sublety that Powell and Pressburger delivered, but it is enough that he and producer David Puttnam succeed in making you realise just how badly this kind of film has been missed.


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111 mins

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Bill Forsyth
Bill Forsyth
Burt Lancaster
Peter Riegert
Denis Lawson
Peter Capaldi
Fulton Mackay
Jenny Seagrove
Jennifer Black
Christopher Rozycki
Rikki Fulton
John Gordon Sinclair

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