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Twelve-year-old Pelle is bitten by a radioactive ant and discovers he has supernatural powers. This Danish superhero flick follows our hero (who can pee acid, among other newfound abilities) as he battles arch-villain The Flea and tries to rescue a pretty blonde with the help of his nerdy friend Wilhelm. Read more about ‘Antboy’
Black 14-year-old Felix wins a scholarship to a prestigious school, but to overcome the system’s ingrained prejudice he decides to become a great saxophonist – like his famous late father. His mother isn’t keen on the idea: she sees jazz as a gateway to alcoholism, debt and early death. But will Felix’s youthful enthusiasm manage to win her over? Read more about ‘Felix’
My Mummy is in America...3/5
Full title: ‘My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill’ Little Jean clearly yearns for the comforting clutch of maternal love. But with a father too involved in his working day to take much notice, Jean begins to resort to fantasy as a means of filling the void. Read more about ‘My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill’
Side by Side4/5
‘Side by Side’ is a coming-of-age family drama about two parentless siblings (Bel Powley and Alfie Field) who, at the risk of being split up after their guardian dies, embark on an epic cross-country journey to locate their grandfather. Along the way they learn about themselves and how, as a pair, they stand a much better chance of defeating the odds. Read more about ‘Side by Side’
When tearaway Sascha is diagnosed with the condition and placed on strong medication, his mother is at first relieved. But how long before Sascha’s vibrant personality is stripped away altogether? Read more about ‘Upsidedown’

London Film Festival top picks: ‘Family’

Time Out's critics select five films to look out for in the London Film Festival's ‘Family’ strand


The LFF isn’t all about uncompromising visions, as this strand offers tales of action and intrigue for all the family. We’re particularly drawn to the tale of a 12-year-old Danish superhero, the struggles of a teenage sax player in South Africa and the trials of a young German ADHD sufferer.

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