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London Film Festival top picks: ‘Thrill’

Time Out's critics select five films to look out for in the London Film Festival's ‘Thrill’ strand

All is Lost
The second film from ‘Margin Call’ director JC Chandor follows Robert Redford’s solo sailor as his boat hits trouble in the Pacific and he finds himself in a battle for survival. With a one-man cast list and precious little dialogue, the film will have to rely almost entirely on the skills of its director and leading man. Read more about ‘All is Lost’
‘Drones’ is low in budget but apparently high in ambition, digging into the methods and madness behind modern American warfare with a tale of unmanned drone pilots in a Nevada bunker. Read more about ‘Drones’
Law, what is it good for? Not much in Mexican filmmaker Amat Escalante's third feature ‘Heli’, a portrait of a poor, hardworking family screwed once by crime and once again for luck by the authorities in small-town Mexico. Read more about ‘Heli’
The Lady From Shanghai
Orson Welles is an Irish sailor who accompanies a beautiful woman (Rita Hayworth, then Mrs Welles) and her husband on a sea cruise, and becomes a pawn in a game of murder. Complex, courageous, and utterly compelling. Read more about ‘The Lady From Shanghai’
New World
Another one of those sprawling crime tales that Korea does so well, ‘New World’ follows an undercover cop (Lee Jungjae) as he works his way ever deeper into the underworld organization known only as Goldmoon. Read more about ‘New World’

If you thought film festivals were all about the art not the excitement, think again. In the ‘thrill’ strand we find Robert Redford lost at sea on a sinking yacht, Orson Welles freaking out in a hall of mirrors and Korean gangsters going kill-crazy in the Seoul underworld.