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Thanks to the prominence it gained following ‘The Wire’, the run-down coastal city of Baltimore has once again become a hot location for movie directors, especially those telling stories of hard life on the mean streets. ‘LUV’ marks the feature debut of short filmmaker Sheldon Candis and stars rapper Common as Vincent, an ex-con and former gangster who becomes a role model for 11-year-old Woody (Michael Rainey Jr), whose mother has disappeared. Part coming-of-age drama, part street-tough gangster film and part sympathetic redemption story, this looks like a solid entry into the ever-increasing ‘depictions of black masculinity’ subgenre. Danny Glover proves he’s still not too old for this shit by appearing in a supporting role, alongside the equally talented likes of Charles S Dutton, Meagan Good and Dennis Haysbert.  ‘LUV’ is one of 14 films to screen at the inaugural Sundance London event in April 2012.


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Duration: 0 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sheldon Candis
Screenwriter: Sheldon Candis, Justin Wilson
Cast: Common
Danny Glover
Michael Rainey Jr
Dennis Haysbert
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