Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
This is that rare thing: a franchise that grows more winning with each instalment. The garish, noisy ‘Madagascar’ series has always been something of a circus, so it’s fitting that this ingratiatingly manic third entry finds its quartet of Yankified African beasts actually in a big top. Penguin-related complications have stranded them in Europe, pursued by murderous Chantal DuBois (Frances McDormand, less convincingly French than the first five letters of her Christian name), a Cruella deVil figure in a gendarme’s uniform. After seeking refuge in a creaky travelling circus of further ropey accents (Jessica Chastain is a sexy Italian jaguar, Bryan Cranston a crotchety Serbian tiger), the troupe is soon wowing the globe with fluorescent trapeze routines choreographed to Katy Perry. Happily, it’s easier on the eye than it is on the ear, thanks to richly rendered European backdrops – a breakneck car chase through Monaco is particularly dazzling – in zappy 3D. Adding an extra coat of class, indie prince Noah Baumbach co-wrote the script, though satisfied kids will leave the cinema chanting the lyrics to Perry’s ‘Firework’, not quoting any bon mots.

By: Guy Lodge


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Rated: PG
Release date: Friday October 19 2012
Duration: 93 mins

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Director: Eric Darnell

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3.8 / 5

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Fantastic family film. We where 3 generations watching this & all enjoyed it as much as the other. Great 3D effects.

Fantastic family film. We where 3 generations watching this & all enjoyed it as much as the other. Great 3D effects.

A tad too frantic, on it's own a 3*...but dazzling 3D (and as Ian says, worth the extra) pushes this higher. A bundle of fun, and the 200+ kids didn't make a peep, bar much (justified) laughter. Families won't find better than this for half term. 7+/10

I spy barrels being scraped. Like Ice Age 4 it seems the move to 3D seems to be an attempt to make a little more money on the film release and DVD, no doubt available just before christmas. It is amusing in places but never really laugh out funny. The penguins and the lemurs offer most of the amusement and apart from Chris Rock's increasingly over the top Marty the leads seem to have little more to add humourwise in this latest film. Having said that the 3D is good and worth the extra fee on admission. It is amusing enough and will keep the kids happy and there is enough to keep adults occupied. Its better than Hotel Transylvania and probably worth more than 2 stars and so I will give it 3 stars. For me 5 out of 10. If under 10 you will probably give it 7.