Mission: Impossible - Fallout

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4 out of 5 stars
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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

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5 out of 5 stars

Hang on to your hats, Ethan Hunt’s back, better and bolder than ever.

Tom Cruise is 56 years old. Fifty. Six. And he’s been making ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies for 22 of those 56 years. By all rights, ‘Fallout’, his sixth high-flying mission, should be to ‘M:I’ what ‘A View to a Kill’ was to Roger Moore’s Bond (Moore being only a year older than Cruise is when he made his final 007): tired, creaky and a bit embarrassing.

Astonishingly, however, the opposite is true. This is easily the best, slickest and most daring ‘Mission: Impossible’ instalment. Not only that, it’s the finest action movie of the year so far. The bait-and-switching, double-crossing plot twists and twists again, with Hunt still haunted by his now-incarcerated ‘Rogue Nation’ nemesis Solomon Lane (a superbly creepy Sean Harris) and dealing with the global terrorist power vacuum left by Lane’s capture, but you won’t care with all the sinew-straining spectacle on show.

This is thanks largely to writer-director Christopher McQuarrie. Being the first director to return for a second go at the franchise, he brings a sense of continuity hitherto lacking. ‘Fallout’ is a direct sequel to ‘Rogue Nation’, bringing back most of the key players and upping the stakes from the most knowing of perspectives. McQuarrie also builds on the last film’s self-aware level of wit and, most importantly, its set-piece-crafting sophistication.

No action sequence is allowed to peter out, or be chopped to ribbons in the edit, or lean on the crutch of CG augmentation. From a frantic Parisian chase to a brutal brawl in a loo to the climactic mountain-skimming helicopter fight, it’s fantastically executed throughout. And it pays just enough attention to physics to make you feel like it all could really be happening.

Then, of course, you have Cruise at the heart of the maelstrom. Like, really there. If there are switches to doubles, they are ingeniously hidden. This guy commits to an insane degree, and in mainstream entertainment terms, ‘Fallout’ is up there with his best work. If he keeps McQuarrie on board, we’d happily see him do six more missions. We’re sure he could hack it.

By: Dan Jolin



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Wednesday July 25 2018
147 mins

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Christopher McQuarrie
Christopher McQuarrie
Simon Pegg
Tom Cruise
Rebecca Ferguson
Ving Rhames
Angela Bassett
Henry Cavill

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4 out of 5 stars

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God this is a brilliant film. Sincerely & utterly unabashed in its pursuit of entertaining the audience beyond any shadow of a doubt, it's testament to both the regulars & new additions among cast and crew that this, the 6th episode in the franchise, is as fantastic as it is. Not for 'Mission Impossible' the slow eking out & subsequent prolonged death of the series - it just keeps getting better & better.

It helps of course that as Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise is hugely likeable. As the character we empathise with him and root for his continued success; as the actor we marvel at his ability to seemingly defy time with the completion of stunts that would cause a man half his age to go pale and mutter something about having a previous engagement when the time to run, jump & ride rolls around. He is steely in his determination that you will enjoy the film and a hugely capable cast helps that wish to come true; Henry Cavill, a wonderfully dry, stocky wardrobe of a man, built like Johnny Bravo and capable of destroying bathrooms & helicopters without ever breaking a sweat, is a perfect foil for Cruise and the familiar faces of Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin & Michelle Monaghan are a pleasure to welcome back to our big screens & our Saturday afternoons. 

As the eternally creepy Solomon Lane, Sean Harris is devoid of humanity and in possession of eyes so black & flat you feel sure there must be a shark with a guide dog in the nearest ocean while Rebecca Ferguson plays the effortlessly cool Ilsa with the perfect blend of vulnerability masked by steel. It can be hard to generate any authentic romance in a film as unashamedly popcorn spilling as this but she & Cruise share enough natural chemistry to make the last ten minutes of the film surprisingly moving.

Obviously the stunts are on form here - you'd expect nothing less from the MI team now - and the script is nicely, tightly pulled together, requiring some concentration but not so much that you need to be a nuclear physicist to keep up. Paris looks glorious in all it's nonchalant chic and there's just enough danger lurking to make you fairly sure but never fully convinced of who might survive this murky, kick-ass world of espionage and global terrorism. Some might say this series shows another side to the home-grown legend that is Bond, James Bond...I'd argue that there's more heart & joy in film-making apparent here than there always is with the 007 legacy, something Sam Mendes' successor would do well to bear in mind.


Okay the TimeOut receiver was either drunk or watching a very different film. Yes; the visuals are superb. The stunts are excellent but, well it's the same story rehashed. It's fun knowing that Cruise is pretty much doing all his own stunts which adds something to a lot of the scenes but it's also a distraction as you try to work out what he doesn't do... knowing that they also make a great deal of you seeing him doing his own stunts. Which I would too if I had someone that expensive riding a motorbike at high speed around Paris. The helicopter chase was a bit silly... and you have see way too much of the film in the trailers!


Let's face it... This was never going to be an "ok" movie... It was always going to be above that! This new movie continues on from the I think the last movie? Or the one before.. I can't quite recall. Either way it's bloody brilliant! From the word Go there's action!

A pleasant new face... Henry cavill graces us with his presence and he brought his A game with him.. This movie is action packed from beginning to end with humorous moments drizzled in between!

Like I said... This was never going to be just OK... 😉


Don't even try to follow the plot, I totally failed the exam. But never mind the plot, the film is a complete hoot. It's got the usual car chases, bike chases, helicopter chases, and lots of running. There are views of Paris & London, and well worth seeing for Tom Cruise's truly amazing run across (& over) London.


A solid addition to the series. The chases and stunts are good and the characters are likeable. The dialogue is witty enough and it doesn't take itself too seriously. However the helicopter chase scene goes on far too long. There is no tension that late in the movie, because you know how it will turn out by that stage and it really does go on for ages. Enjoyable enough.


It’s good, but I really struggle accepting that this is the even the best Mission: Impossible film - let alone the best action film ever made.

You can spot the plot twist a mile off (perhaps the trailer is to blame for that) and I personally didn’t find any of the set pieces as memorable as Cruise previously holding onto a plane’s wing at take off, climbing up the Burj Khalifa or the iconic harness scene where he hacked a computer in the ‘96 original. The skydive everyone talks about in this film is technically very impressive, but I dare say the same result would have been achieved simply using a green screen and so its merit is more what it is than how it looks.

It’s entertaining stuff but by the end becomes a bit muddy and lacks much tension no matter how hard it tries. Definitely worth a look regardless.


If you start with great ingredients, it's very hard to get it wrong. And this is so right. It's a fabulous action film from beginning to the end almost two and a half hours later. Tom Cruise can still run like a fast man, always has and still manages which is quite impressive at his age (fifty-six)). Does he do his own stunts because it is really hard to tell? It certainly looks as if he does. Very clever! The now-classic theme tune has snippets running throughout, loud and imposing which make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. Fabulous plot, directing, acting, music and all-out film.


Brings everything you come to expect with a mission impossible.

Stella cast, high action and clever story.