My Name is Hmmm...

Film, Drama
My Name is Hmmm...

Agnès Troublé, the French fashion designer behind the Agnès B label, has directed this psychologically flawed drama about an 11-year-old girl who runs away from her abusive father. While not autobiographical, Troublé has said that this film is deeply personal, and the claustrophobic early scenes between little Céline (Lou-Lélia Demerliac) and her dad will knot your insides. The father knows he is a monster, and after one rape (the abuse is never seen) collapses pathetically into tears. Later, she warns him: ‘Don’t you touch my little sister.’

But when Céline makes a run for it during a school trip to the seaside, the film drops off a cliff. Hiding out in the cab of a truck, she is found by lonely Scottish driver Peter (touchingly played by Turner Prize-winning artist Douglas Gordon). Rather than calling the cops, this dad-cum-new-best-friend figure takes her on a road trip. What man wouldn’t be terrified of finding himself alone with a missing 11-year-old girl?

But this is a film where characters behave unconvincingly, in ways that make no sense. It aims for a loose, French New Wave style but settles for muddled and rambling. It’s tortured for all the wrong reasons.

By: Cath Clarke


Release details

Release date: Friday October 17 2014
Duration: 121 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Agnès B.
Screenwriter: Agnès B.
Cast: Sylvie Testud
Jacques Bonnaffé
Lou-Lélia Demerliac
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