Narrow Margin

Film, Thrillers
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A remake of Richard Fleischer's superb 1952 train thriller must be artistically redundant. But Hyams has always had a magpie tendency to borrow from the best, daring to make a sequel to 2001, remaking High Noon as Outland, even fitting his original screenplays (Capricorn One, Running Scared) into prevailing cycles. Given this reliance on proven formula, Hyams is an ingenious craftsman who makes supremely watchable movies, and this one is a case in point. District Attorney Hackman is escorting a reluctant witness (Archer) to testify in a murder trial, but assassins are on the same train to make sure she doesn't. Hyams boosts the set-up with some heavy-duty action, but the journey follows essentially the same tracks as in '52 for an exciting ride. Hackman is boringly good, but Archer (like Marie Windsor before her) enjoys the more ambivalent role. Very good indeed, she offers sufficient reason to check out this update, even if it does run out of steam before the end of the line.

By: TCh

Release details

Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Peter Hyams
Screenwriter: Peter Hyams
Cast: Gene Hackman
Anne Archer
James B Sikking
JT Walsh
M Emmet Walsh
Susan Hogan
Harris Yulin
Nigel Bennett
BA 'Smitty' Smith
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