Navy Seals

Film, Action and adventure
Popularised by The Abyss, the Navy Sea, Air and Land commandos here go into action against an Arab terrorist who has his hands on a consignment of Stinger missiles. The film nevertheless avoids all mention of politics by pitching diligent team-leader Biehn, crazy Sheen and the other all-American sea-mammals against a fanatical splinter group dedicated to senseless violence rather than any specific ideological goal. Tipped off by half-Lebanese TV journalist Whalley-Kilmer, the SEALS parachute into the sea off Beirut and prepare to kick some Arab butt. Having played a psychotic SEALS officer in The Abyss, Biehn this time leaves the loony stuff to Sheen. Teague, meanwhile, is far too busy orchestrating the large-scale action sequences to make anything of the cardboard characters, episodic plotting, or clunking dialogue.

By: NF

Release details

Duration: 114 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Lewis Teague
Screenwriter: Chuck Pfarrer, Gary Goldman
Cast: Charlie Sheen
Michael Biehn
Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
Rick Rossovich
Cyril O'Reilly
Bill Paxton
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