Night Hair Child

The sight of kids in adult situations is unfailingly embarrassing, and Night Hair Child (whatever that means) is no exception. In it Mark Lester plays a 12-year-old voyeur who touches up Britt Ekland, and later joins her for some purpose or other (even he seems uncertain) between the sheets. Everyone involved blunders along, seemingly unaware of the sensitivity necessary to develop this story of a young newlywed who finds that she is living in the same house as a pubescent sex maniac, who may also be plotting to murder her. The casting is crazy, with Ekland hardly the actress for this sort of thing; and the script meanders all over the place, with a long psychiatric interview and a dream sequence seemingly interpolated just for the hell of it, before finally falling to bits. Still, at least Lester gets his deserts, the little brat. (Andrea Bianchi is credited as director on foreign language versions.)

By: DMcG

Release details

Duration: 89 mins

Cast and crew

Director: James Kelly
Screenwriter: Trevor Preston
Cast: Hardy Krüger
Conchita Montez
Harry Andrews
Lilli Palmer
Mark Lester
Britt Ekland
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