Night Train to Munich

Film, Thrillers
In terms of cast, plot and scriptwriters (Launder and Gilliat), this bears a deliberate resemblance to Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes as it merges comedy and thrills with propaganda in its tale of a Czech scientist's daughter escaping from a concentration camp, only belatedly to discover that she's been allowed to get away to reveal the whereabouts of her father. And though the action bats along at a furious pace, especially during the train scenes and the cable-car climax, the film only serves to show the importance of the director in the film-making process; the cast and script are fine, but Reed fatally lacks Hitchcock's light, witty touch and his effortless ability to create suspense out of ordinary circumstances.

By: GA

Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Carol Reed
Frank Launder, Sidney Gilliat
Margaret Lockwood
Rex Harrison
Paul Henreid
Basil Radford
Naunton Wayne
Felix Aylmer
Raymond Huntley
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