No Retreat, No Surrender

Film, Action and adventure
1 out of 5 stars
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McKinney, a Bruce Lee freak, is disappointed when his karate instructor dad opts out of a confrontation with some dumb heavies and moves the family to Seattle. There McKinney chums up with break dancer RJ (Fails), who shows him the town's most famous slab of marble, covering the grave of the late Bruce Lee; and as the new boy in town, he becomes a choice victim for the bully boys who frequent the hamburger bars. Drawing upon the spirit and skills of his deceased mentor to quell the local populace, he also gets even with the bad guys who chop-sueyed his father. No Retreat, No Surrender borrows heavily from the likes of The Last Dragon, Karate Kid and even Rocky IV, but makes them look like masterpieces by comparison. Some fancy dan karate and a good cameo performance from Van Damme as a Russian heavy might have made an enthralling ten-minute video; otherwise it's just more proof that the real thing died with Bruce Lee in 1973, even though the corpse keeps twitching.

By: CB

Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Corey Yuen
Keith Strandberg
Kurt McKinney
Jean-Claude Van Damme
JW Fails
Kathie Sileno
Kim Tai Chong
Kent Lipham
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This movie is so awesomly bad, you gotta love it. From the low budget production, to the poor acting, the plot holes, and the cheesy 80's soundtrack, you almost overlook the total insanity of the premise of the movie. It borrows heavily from The Karate Kid and, to a lesser extent, from Rocky IV, all the way down to the pea-green station wagon. It conjures to mind a line from Delroy Lindo: "I've seen better film on teeth." Still, if you can suspend disbelief for ninety minutes and immerse yourself in the film, it is an enjoyable movie to watch on a rainy afternoon or a sick day. Not quite what the producers were going for, but you will laugh so hard it will hurt.