Over the Edge

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New Granada: a typically neat and neighbourly new town for middle class families, offering all mod cons. Except, that is, for the kids, left to find the usual entertainment of drugs, drink and sex in a run-down prefab 'rec'. When this last haven is threatened with demolition, adolescent high spirits and bad behaviour result in nihilist rage and rebellion. Kaplan's terrific movie - nervously held back from distribution here for five years - is one of the best movies to date about the generation gap. Although the parents and teachers are never reduced to uncaring stereotypes, their blind, status-oriented decisions and actions provide adequate fuel for the justly frustrated kids, who must be the most credible bunch of youngsters to make it onto celluloid. Script, photography and performances (including Dillon before he decided to become a teenage Stallone) are all top notch, while Kaplan directs with pace, imagination, and a fine ear for dialogue and music.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 94 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Screenwriter: Charlie Haas, Tim Hunter
Cast: Vincent Spano
Harry Northrup
Lane Smith
Michael Kramer
Tom Fergus
Matt Dillon
Pamela Ludwig
Andy Romano
Ellen Geer
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