Penthouse North

Film, Thrillers
2 out of 5 stars
Penthouse North

The director of 'Sleeping with the Enemy' must think we're still in the '90s, when psychological thrillers didn't need to be full and complete, when it was all about the tension and the details could be neglected. His new film, 'Penthouse North', starts off with a decent premise: a photographer goes blind during an ambush in Afghanistan, and, some time later in New York, she finds her partner dead in their flat. The moments when she moves about the place ignorant of the corpse she repeatedly walks past are the best in the film, when there's a prevailing tension worthy of a good suspense film. The problems come along with a number of details that, however superfluous they may be, show a certain carelessness and disregard for any kind of credibility. In a simple plot with few frills – a woman, a flat and a robbery – details count, at least to flirt a bit within a story that starts off well, but soon fizzles out.

By: Violeta Kovacsics


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