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What with his writing, TV presenting and movie acting, one might argue that Danny Dyer has – like Peter Ustinov before him – become the counter-cultural media polymath of the age. He restlessly churns out content, but when it comes to film his name is fast becoming a byword for the unutterably dreadful. And so to ‘Pimp’, a cack-handed and joyless trawl through the grotty dives of Soho following a chaotic week in the life of scallywag sex trafficker Woody (played by writer/director, Robert Cavanah). Offering a tired rehash of his stock wideboy persona, Dyer plays crimelord Stanley who employs Woody as muscle for his ongoing turfwar against local rivals ‘the Chinks’. With its excessive levels of casual racism, sexism and homophobia, the film feels like nothing more than a rejected ‘Derek and Clive’ sketch that’s been stripped of eloquence and irony and calibrated instead for cheap, leery laughs. The attempts, too, at a faux-documentary style are badly botched, partly because the cast is visibly trying too hard to act naturally but mainly because of a script that’s little more than a contrived patchwork of clichés, spurious historical quotations and so much swearing.

By: David Jenkins


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Friday May 21 2010
86 mins

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Robert Cavanah
Robert Cavanah
Billy Boyd
Gemma Chan
Hilary Hamilton
Danny Dyer

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I also met Robert Cavanah on the train one day and spent a delightful two hours talking about theatre, books, parents, children and philosophy. He is NOT a Scottish oik at all, you rude Peter B, but an educated, feeling and pleasant person. I had no idea who he was as I'm not much of a film watcher till the latter part of our chat when I told him about my writing and he mentioned his acting work. So I got out PImp...not at all my normal viewing! Yes, it was nasty, violent (to me) in its content but the title was a warning!..all the same, the documentary style worked for me, it was clever. I also felt that in an industry as de-humanising as porn and whoring, Cavanah played a sympathetic (though probably improbable pimp) who actually had a touch of feeling and humanity and wanted to help the girls, saw them as human beings not sex machines. I loved the ending, it was satisfyingly amusing and apt.

I am a normal person, I dont get paid to watch films, I dont get paid to review films, but I actually enjoyed watching this film, and it seems that film critics get paid to say bad thing about good films due to that being what makes them money, I honestly believe that films are like marmite, its down to your own personal view not some nobrot that thinks they know everything, you either enjoy a film or hate, I enjoyed this one because it showed real situations and not aliens blowing london up or people sawing their own leg off, it is a plain film but it does hve a point.

Trashy, nasty, devoid of any merit, "Pimp" is a prime example of what not to waste any more money on when it comes to supposed gritty gangster films. Complete and utter dross from start to finish, you may feel like having a bath afterwards to wash the smell away. Dyer us his usual geezer-self, playing a wrong 'un on autopilot. Complete and utter crap.

Blimey, reading the other reviews - seems like this film is a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it! I'm definitely somewhere in the middle but more towards the like than hate hence the 4star rating! I thought this was perfectly watchable! A bit slow at the start but picked up and held my attention to the end. Danny Dyer was awesome but wish he wasn't always typecast. I wanted more of him and thought he would have made a much better pimp than the older guy. Wil Johnson was also excellent and very easy on the eye! If you like a good thriller and are not offended by sex. violence or language, then this is definitely for you.

This film has prompted extreme review - for me I wasn't expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. It has a slow start but sped up and was funny, a bit gritty and had good performances from Dyer - in true Dyer style, and Wil Johnson v funny. For those of you up for supporting British cinema this was a good effort, worth a wathc

I really wish there was a zero star rating or something to register when a film is absolute stinker because "Pimp" is voyeuristic, insidious garbage dressed up to be something that it isn't. Its not even well made - think bloated happy slapping video and you're halfway there, and it will probably appeal to the same crowd who like that sort of thing. "Pimp" follows a well trodden path and says absolutely nothing original, clever or insightful. Its just an excuse for some bad acting presented in a "mockumentry" style coupled with scenes of sex and violence that have no redemptive, artistic or ironic value whatsoever. Heading this tacky, pernicious trash is Zoo magazines favourite face-slasher Danny Dyer himself, his role as a sex baron smacks of another excuse for some narcissistic fantasy role playing. The irony here is that Dyer is completely out of his depth, and it ends up being so laughably bad that it almost lapses into self-parody. A film so bad, so lazy, so inept and yet so full of itself that it makes some of Guy Ritchie's films look Orson Welles in comparison. Cinematic detritus masquerading as entertainment.

I just watched Pimp and “Wow� this is a must for Danny Dyer fans. The film is original, edgy and raw and we have seen nothing like this for years from the British film industry. Why? Because no one dares to make this kind of film anymore and while it won’t suit everyone’s taste, it is a really good thriller with a lot of back comedy thrown in. The plot revolves around Woody (Robert Cavanah) who is the Pimp and works for boss Stanley (Dyer who is fantastic in the role). Woody invites a documentary crew to film him for a week and it is a week that turns into a nightmare. He gets evicted, beaten up (regularly) and then loses one of his girls who is going to be “snuffed� if he can’t find her within 24 hours. I won’t spoil the plot any further for you but it is exciting, revealing about the real world of Soho and also great fun with some awesome cameos from Martin Compston, Billy Boyd and Wil Johnson. I highly recommend this film.

I had the misfortune of meeting the writer/director/star of Pimp in Cannes, trying to raise money for more projects - What a horrible little Scottish oik - I hope no one gives him a penny

I had the misfortune of meeting the writer/director/star of Pimp in Cannes, trying to raise money for more projects - What a horrible little Scottish oik - I hope no one gives him a penny

I like the name of the production company, "Cinematic Productions". How far from the truth is that. (this review service surely needs a "zero stars" option)

would people from the distribution company please stop posting positive reviews, it aint gonna wash. film has bombed. end of.

A tough subject matter and not eveyones cup of tea, but its a creative way to reveal a side of london most people would like to try and believe doesnt exist. some good ones liners - worth a viewing...

A tough subject matter and not eveyones cup of tea, but its a creative way to reveal a side of london most people would like to try and believe doesnt exist. some good ones liners - worth a viewing...

the movie is not great ,and but i did enjoy watching the sexy lady and am suprised by the critics i mean yes is not a great movie ,but its ok and i did enjoy a little bid ...but i wont recommend this film to any of my friends is not good enough if am hosnest ...

I sat down to watch this last night, while it's not brilliant, it's not bad either - There are some good performances - It's typically ladish in places - often crude, but it ticks along - Danny Dyer plays his type cast very well - Throw in some funny scenes, a few memorable (possibly for the wrong reasons) one liners and a gaggle of tastey ladies and you've got yourself a watchable gangster flick that ticks some if not all the boxes

Contrary to other reviewers on this site I thoroughly enjoyed this fast moving film. Whilst it might not be to everyone's taste, it is well shot and very well acted. Dyer and Cavanagh are both excellent, the plot is both ambitious and engaging and I enjoyed the hour and half watching this film much more than many hollywood blockbusters / art house brit flicks.

Just happened to look at Amazon (Pimp is released on Monday on DVD). Noticed a couple of 5 star reviews. One is by a reviewer called "A John". He certainly likes Pimp, gushing in his praise. If you click on his name he is equally in praise of all the other films he reviews. But hang on...don't those other films have something in common?? Yes, all released by Revolver Entertainment. Surely they are not posting phoney reviews?? C'mon guys. If you are going to do that at least use different names. Very slack.

Quite possibly the worst experience I have ever sat still for. If I had known that this was going to be shot in that faux-documentary style that was fashionable five years ago, and basically feature nasty little men trying to act like tough guys throughout, I wouldn't have bothered. I won the tickets for this as part of a competition, part of the prize was to meet Danny Dyer, I was so disgusted at the poor quality of the film, that I avoided Dyer, and went drinking with some other people who also decided to leave early. In short, if you need a perfect way to waste money, this is the film for you. I didn't even pay for my tickets, and I feel ripped off.