Pineapple Express

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Pineapple Express
Hollywood’s relationship with the demon weed has undergone a number of switchbacks over the past century, from the demonic giggling maniacs of ‘Reefer Madness’ to the heroic giggling maniacs of ‘Up in Smoke’. But it’s largely been depicted as a fringe activity for peacenik hippy throwbacks, not average working Joes.

‘Pineapple Express’ has its fair share of burn-outs, not least James Franco’s dealer Saul. But our hero is legal process server Dale (Seth Rogen, above), whose daily grind is sweetened by judicious application of the kind leaf. This routine is cruelly shattered, however, when Dale witnesses a murder and is forced to go on the run with only the babbling, perma-stoned Saul for company.

Written by the ‘Superbad’ team of Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Judd Apatow, ‘Pineapple Express’ is a knowing throwback to ’70s stoners-on-the-run comedies, replete with dirty cops, gangsters and manic slapstick violence. But, as directed by indie guru David Gordon Green, the film also displays considerable sweetness, a lightness of touch and a depth of character that set it far above its forebears.

At its heart the film stands as an impassioned love letter to the jazz baccy. A brief midway moment of hazy regret– ‘We’re useless when we’re high!’– is quickly brushed aside, followed by an upbeat scene in which our heroes sell drugs to minors. It climaxes with a marathon shoot-out in a weed warehouse. But there’s still time for a gloriously unexpected coda, a moment of quiet reflection and narrative ingenuity that confirms ‘Pineapple Express’ as the finest comedy of the year.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday September 12 2008
Duration: 111 mins

Cast and crew

Director: David Gordon Green
Screenwriter: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg
Cast: Seth Rogen
Rosie Perez
Amber Heard
James Franco
Bill Hader
Gary Cole
James Remar
Joe Lo Truglio

Average User Rating

3.8 / 5

Rating Breakdown

  • 5 star:20
  • 4 star:2
  • 3 star:2
  • 2 star:1
  • 1 star:7
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An amusing stoner comedy that offers more entertainment and laughs than Cheech and Chong. It's heavy-handed attempts at being "touching" just seem out of place. Hopefully David Gordon Green will use the profits to make another dark, southern drama, the sort of thing that gave him a rep in the first place.

The lamest film I have seen for quite some time. Appallingly bad. What the hell was Seth thinking?

unbelievably funny movie. but also touching, heartfelt, just so real in the emotions. breath of fresh air. it is of course adult material with the whole weed plot. but it's more real than most everything out there. super well acted, scripted, and directed. so refreshing.

It's amazing how accurately I can judge whether I will like someone based on whether they liked this movie or not. I find that people who didn't find it funny, aren't funny. It's also an extremely well put together movie - great performances, extremely funny, cinematically referential, empathetic and great looking.

Dumb. I used to want to meet Seth Rogen but having seen his last three movies I fear I know him already.

It was pretty crap. Didn't work as a thriller or a comedy. The only joke seemed to be guys talking to each other like boyfriend and girlfriend, and Seth Rogan was annoying. it's hard to take Seth Rogan seriously when he's trying to be serious, 'cause his fat face sort of jiggles, And the school girl girlfriend thing? What was that about?

This film has all the elements of a great comedy and more. Funny from start to finish, even my mother loved it and it seemed the entire cinema did too. Laugh a little, Laugh a lot.

an interesting twist on 'stoner comedy', still have to be stoned to think its funny tho. pretty average

This makes the BIG LEBOWSKI look like Citizen Kane. Whereas SUPERBAD was a very funny film about teenagers growing up in spite of their best efforts, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS seems to be all about adults regressing back into adolescence. That would be fine, except that you get the impression that the whole cast and crew got stoned up, forgot to bring in the script and ended up improvising the whole thing. And they thought that it was hilarious. I didn't.

Absolutely hysterical. Nearly had to leave the cinema I was laughing so much. "Give me that fire extinguisher."

I love this film so much, I'm seeing it again and will buy it on DVD. Very funny, good character relationships, I was all laughed-out!

It is a great movie really! I can't believe people actually walked out. I am watching it again

Its got no story line. The acting was terrible. Half the cinema walked out before it ended. Its probably one of the worst comedy I've watched in years!

For me this movie was amazing. Before going to see pineapple express i went and seen Step Brothers, i was deeply disapointed in that movie. Then seeing pineapple express, this was another level of comedy. Really good, i mean it may seem simliar to other movies but this was better than expected. Just this weekend i seen tropic thunder, not a patch on Pineapple Express. Read it and believe it!

This film is slightly funny but also generally shit. Overly violent, trying too hard to copy "Due where's my car" but failing badly. Heard about 5 laughs from the cinema so the other 5* reviewers must have been high at the time. Some hilarious jokes from the film: Man gets shot multiple times in multiple scenes (just like Snatch) and still lives. Shoots mans toes clean off with a shot gun (just like the finger shooting scene in Taxi Driver) Hilarious car chase with his foot in the windscreen, but then he manages to free it. This is Taxi Driver, Dude where's my car and Beverly Hills Cop mixed up into one with all the jokes removed.

I've read all the comments about the film and to be onist, u losers that think its shit o well who cares. u obviously have no sense ov humor and no LIFE. Drugs have a big part in society these days. WICKED film. LOVED it. watched it Twice now and i still laugh my head off everytime.


oh my god!!!!!this film is so fantastic!!!!!!!!!! i love james franco and seth rogen-but mainly james franco!!!!such good acting and so funnyyyyyyy!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely hilarious...unbelievably funny all the way through...a true laugh-out-loud comedy

dope and druge dealers are the really awful premise of this dull comedy where stoned adults keep running into trees and cars ,there was no humor or any decent jokes about this sick comedy and only a really sick writer would make a gag out of a fatally injured man with bullet wounds to the abdomen who is bleeding to death ,other than that they wreck cars and toilets with some obligatory jokes about excrement and then everbody gets punched in the balls -it was a really trashy movie and i won't bother to watch it even on cable again .

AMAZINGG!!! it had me in stitches throughout the movie and even the bus ride home!!! great movie

Now in the 21st century the new generation of comedy is stoner and fart jokes. This may sound bad but is actually unbelievably hilarious for the entire movie you get the pleasure of seeing and hearing a genious screenplay with endless humour. Reviewers may dislike this movie for it's often lack of logic but is a must see for anybody who has a sense of humour which isn't Shakespeare!