Film, Horror
Engaging tongue-in-cheek exploitation pic from the Corman stable, in which Menzies and Dillman stumble upon an army camp where mad scientist McCarthy has been developing a mutant strain of man-eating piranha fish for use in the Vietnam war. Things get worse when the finned flesh-eaters escape into a local river. John Sayles' witty script plays the action for laughs rather than chills, stealing wholesale from the plot of Spielberg's Jaws, while director Dante piles on the cinematic in-jokes and cheap shock effects.

Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Joe Dante
John Sayles
Bradford Dillman
Heather Menzies
Kevin McCarthy
Keenan Wynn
Dick Miller
Barbara Steele
Belinda Balaski
Melody Thomas
Bruce Gordon
Barry Brown
Paul Bartel
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the original was so much better. i found myself laughing (cause it was so bad) more than being scared. why can't they leave some movies alone, don't waste your money on it. can't see how the 3D was any better, and the way they left it looked like they would make another, i sure hope not!