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Offering a thoroughly modern take on urban warfare, this unnerving and enigmatic debut feature from Israeli director Nadav Lapid trains its steely focus on the group dynamics of the cops and robbers rather than asking us to get swept along in the specifics of their violence travails. The first thirty minutes of the film depicts the (vaguely homoerotic) bonding rituals of an elite anti-terrorist unit, while we then move over to the more poetically inclined actions of militant socialist cell who plan capture and kill a billionaire industrialist. The film asks if we really know our enemy and it’s an idea that’s hit home with force in the deeply troubling final shot.

By: David Jenkins


Release details

Release date: Friday October 21 2011
Duration: 112 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Nadav Lapid
Screenwriter: Nadav Lapid
Cast: Yiftach Klein
Yaara Pelzig
Michael Mushonov
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