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A typical AIP quickie put together in an instant bid to cash in on the 'Summer of Love', its action eventually amounting to a slam-bang compendium of every hippy cliché from the bad trip to the redneck rumble. The plot, which has a deaf girl (Strasberg) scouring San Francisco's Haight Ashbury for her missing brother (a crazed Dern), is hard to take. But if you can accept the clichés and archaisms, as well as some third-rate acid rock from The Seeds and Strawberry Alarm Clock, there are compensations: some beautifully baroque performances (Dern and Stockwell in particular), Laszlo Kovacs' effective visualisation of Strasberg's bad STP trip, the spectacle (as irresistible as it is preposterous) of Jack Nicholson sporting lead guitar at the Filmore.

By: DP

Release details

Duration: 88 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Richard Rush
Screenwriter: E Hunter Willett, Betty Ulius
Cast: Susan Strasberg
Dean Stockwell
Jack Nicholson
Bruce Dern
Adam Roarke
Max Julien
Henry Jaglom
Barbara London
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