Quiet City

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Quiet City
Fledgling writer/director Aaron Katz demonstrates a natural knack for sculpting amiable, morally furtive characters and frank conversational dialogue while remaining admirably attuned to the ominous ‘life’ questions that whizz around the skulls of most twentysomething slackers on the chilling cusp of independence. 2007’s restrained, beautifully photographed anti-romance ‘Quiet City’ sees two lost souls meeting in a train terminal and striking up a quirky platonic friendship which – as they nervously relay their fears and foibles to one another – delicately hints at something more.

By: David Jenkins


Release details

Release date: Friday July 25 2008
Duration: 78 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Aaron Katz
Screenwriter: Aaron Katz, Erin Fisher, Cris Lankenau
Cast: Erin Fisher
Cris Lankenau
Sarah Hellman
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