Film, Fantasy
Plants need light to photosynthesise; rainbows give colour (thence light) to the world; without rainbows the world would turn monochrome and everyone would suffocate. Circulating within the rainbow are gold nuggets providing energy. If the nuggets are removed the rainbow will feel sick and lose interest. Were someone to find a way into the rainbow, one brief moment of greed could trigger global apocalypse - a harsh, fading world ravaged by fatal illness and social breakdown, where hordes of incompetent supporting actors roam the streets. That's the scenario envisioned in Hoskins' geo-fable. Bob's an 'offbeat' magician whose 10-year-old son Mike (Lavendal) discovers the end of the rainbow behind Hudson Harbor, NJ, and jumps in, only to be followed by sulky adolescent brother Steven (Tierney), who pockets the gold. There's comic relief with Aykroyd's paedophobic Kansan police chief, before matters enter the realm of pre-millennial kids' apocalypse movie. Despite sterling cinematography, the special effects look like computer games.

By: NB

Release details

Duration: 101 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Bob Hoskins
Screenwriter: Ashley Sidaway, Robert Sidaway
Cast: Willy Lavendal
Bob Hoskins
Saul Rubinek
Dan Aykroyd
Jacob Tierney
Jonathan Schuman
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