Red 2

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Red 2

The retired, extremely dangerous gang are back for another trigger-happy comedy. Former CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is happy with the quiet life but his girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) is bored. When it comes to Frank and Sarah, the attraction is action, suggests their buddy Marvin (John Malkovich). So the trio embarks on a mission to keep a next-generation weapon out of terrorist hands. This takes them to Paris (enter Catherine Zeta-Jones), London (hello Helen Mirren) and Moscow. It should be a zippy ride but stale dialogue and a bored-looking Bruce Willis slow things down. Parker, Malkovich and Mirren wring a few laughs out of the script before scene-stealer Anthony Hopkins brightens the mood as a retired physicist who may or may not be insane.

Ultimately, it’s popcorn nihilism without the big laughs that helped distract from the casual approach to life and death in ‘Red’. To quote ‘Austin Powers’: ‘People never think how things affect the family of a henchman’. Now that was funny.


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Release date:
Friday August 2 2013
116 mins

Cast and crew

Dean Parisot
Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber
Bruce Willis
Helen Mirren
John Malkovich
Mary-Louise Parker
Anthony Hopkins
Catherine Zeta-Jones

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2.7 / 5

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I quite enjoyed it and if you liked the original film and The Expendables then you will probably like this as well. If you didn't then you almost certainly won't like it. I feel it is a bit like the Ocean Eleven films as this runs out of ideas after a pretty good first film before half way in this film. if there is a third film I probably won't bother going. On a quiet weekend for cinema releases not a bad film just not really good enough to warrant paying full price. If you want to chance it I would suggest Wednesday night on a 2 for 1 deal with a friend. Its an ok 2 star film not really good enough to be a 3 star though.