Return from Witch Mountain

Film, Family and kids
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With its early scenes set in LA's urban wasteland and superior music from Lalo Schifrin, Disney's belated sequel to Escape to Witch Mountain seems promising for a while. But it rapidly gets stuck in the same groove as the original: the two kids with supernatural powers fall prey to Lee's villainous scientist, and constantly display their gift for 'molecular mobilisation', levitating (among many other things) wine casks, museum exhibits, gold bars, trash cans, security guards, and the Board of Education's bus for rounding up truants. There's also a helpful goat called Alfred, and it's a moot point who does the most bleating - the goat or Bette Davis as Lee's sidekick. OK family fun, at a pinch.

By: GB

Release details

Duration: 93 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Hough
Screenwriter: Malcolm Marmorstein
Cast: Kim Richards
Ike Eisenmann
Bette Davis
Christopher Lee
Jack Soo
Denver Pyle
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