Return to the Blue Lagoon

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Having touched a voyeuristic nerve with The Blue Lagoon, H de Vere Stacpoole promptly banged out a few follow-ups, one of which (The Garden of God) inspired this movie sequel in which the infant son of the deceased couple from The Blue Lagoon is castaway along with a girl child whose mother (Pelikan) dies of pneumonia after raising both kids to puberty. This spectacularly contrived plot allows director Graham to put his strapping stars (Krause and Jovovich) through their pubescent paces while simply re-running the sexy set pieces for which Randal Kleiser's tacky 1980 movie was famed. Things begin boldly, with bloody evidence of menstruation and talk of masturbation and copulation; but when mating time arrives, the pair merely snog, simper, fall writhing to the ground, then proceed to an impromptu wedding ceremony, perpetuating the myth that babies come from marriage. Like a sex education film made by semi-liberated nuns, the movie keeps its sticky truths hidden beneath a veneer of leering cleanliness.

By: MK

Release details

Duration: 98 mins

Cast and crew

Director: William A Graham
Screenwriter: Leslie Stevens
Cast: Milla Jovovich
Brian Krause
Lisa Pelikan
Courtney Phillips
Garette Patrick Ratliff
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