Film, Action and adventure
An almost inconceivable disaster which tries for a worm's eye view of the American Revolution, the worm in question being Pacino as a son of the good earth who is pushed into the fight by the taunts of Kinski and motivated by the sadism of British sergeant Sutherland. Maybe the original script had a shape and a grasp of events. If so, it has gone. There has clearly been drastic cutting, and nothing is left but a cortege of fragments and mismatched cuts. It's also the first 70 mm movie that looks as if it was shot hand-held on 16 mm and blown up for the big screen. Director? I didn't catch the credit. Was there one?

By: TR

Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Hugh Hudson
Robert Dillon
Al Pacino
Donald Sutherland
Nastassja Kinski
Joan Plowright
Dave King
Steven Berkoff
John Wells
Annie Lennox
Richard O'Brien
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