Film, Science fiction
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This near-future tale, in which Selleck heads a police division tracking murderous machines, is technically quite as accomplished as Crichton's previous work, carrying a strong atmosphere of menace and some virtuoso effects (including a tracking shot behind a bullet that makes the Bond movies seem old-fashioned). But once it turns from the hardware and the action to people, you can hardly believe your eyes or your ears. 'That's no bullet, it's an exploding shell' Selleck announces to a colleague. 'God, you're right' the other replies, not even turning to look at it. With its villain straight out of Batman, Crichton is clearly intending to lighten the tone, but instead the thing congeals.

By: DP

Release details

Duration: 100 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Michael Crichton
Screenwriter: Michael Crichton
Cast: Tom Selleck
Cynthia Rhodes
Gene Simmons
Kirstie Alley
Stan Shaw
GW Bailey
Joey Cramer
Chris Mulkey
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