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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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It’s the noise of ‘Rush’ that sticks with you after seeing Ron Howard’s fun and tense dip into the volatile world of 1970s Formula 1 – the violent roar of engines on the starting grid and the sound in the cockpit like you’re being propelled to the moon on a DIY rocket. That, and the feeling that you’ve been scraping your nose along rainy, rubber-stained asphalt for almost two hours.

Last time Howard made a sports movie it was the underpowered boxing film ‘Cinderella Man’. But ‘Rush’ has on its team British screenwriter Peter Morgan – who also wrote Howard’s ‘Frost/Nixon’, another head-to-head tale set in the 1970s. Here, the sparring partners are champagne-swilling British racing driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl), a stern Austrian.

Part of the fun of ‘Rush’ is how it takes us back to a pre-Ryanair time, when England and the rest of Europe were still miles apart. It’s a story of detente and new beginnings, as fierce rivals Hunt and Lauda come to something of an understanding as we watch them contest race after race around the globe during the 1976 Grand Prix season. You wonder what effect the F1 documentary ‘Senna’ had on ‘Rush’. There are parallels: the rivalry, of course, but also an explosive row and a horrifying crash. Maybe ‘Senna’ just reassured the filmmakers that audiences beyond F1 fans would care.

They’ve gone all out to make ‘Rush’ look exciting. Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle matches the film’s look to period archive footage and finds angles and perspectives you’d think impossible. It’s anything but boring. It’s also one of those cheeky real-life tales that Morgan adores: a portrait of people in crisis who live their lives in the public glare, whether it’s the Queen, Nixon or Tony Blair. ‘Rush’ is fast, slippery, stormy and dangerous.


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Friday September 13 2013
122 mins

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Ron Howard
Peter Morgan
Chris Hemsworth
Natalie Dormer
Olivia Wilde
Daniel Brühl

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Absolutely superb acting and very exciting. I particularly like the way the 70s era is captured. Highly recommended.

Absolutely superb acting and very exciting. I particularly like the way the 70s era is captured. Highly recommended.

The only grpie I hav is when Hunt is portrayed attacking the journalist. That was never in his character and I hope that when it turns up on DVD/Netflix etc. they cut that scene. Apart from that, it is a superb film and well worth seeing, I went somebody who isn't particularly a F1 fan and didn't know how the season finished and he loved it.

An enjoyable dip into the 70's F1 motoring world, nice performances from the leads, particularly from Daniel Bruhl. Even non F1 fans will find something to enjoy.

Well above average semi-biographical sporting drama. Howard handles with an assured touch. Three and a half stars.

Rush was unexpectedly a great and compelling drama. It was gripping and gave a perspective on the main characters which really brought them to life. Excellent movie, highly recommended.

fabulous, really exciting and moving tale even when you know the story.

fabulous, really exciting and moving tale even when you know the story.

The first reviewer, Juan, has said more or less just what I was planning to say. There is nothing else I can add other than the tension and enthralling drama is equally involving off the track as it is on the track. I'm not a big fan of Formula 1, so you don't need to be either to enjoy it.

This is a very good film. Its well acted, has an excellent script and is shot superbly. I struggle to recommend this enough. At the end a number of people stood up and clapped and the last time I can remember that was after The Artist. I thoroughly expect this to make awards lists this winter. A very good 4 star film. Not quite but nearly worth 5 stars.