Safe House

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Safe House

Elevated above the norm by Swedish director Daniel Espinosa’s kinetic visuals, a smart script by David Guggenheim and Denzel Washington’s charismatic intelligence, this exciting spy thriller throws together idealistic rookie Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) and ‘rogue’ CIA agent Tobin Frost (Washington). When Frost surrenders to the US Embassy in South Africa, Weston’s bosses back at Langley have no time to ponder his twisted motives. Minutes after Frost is transferred to Weston’s ‘safe house’ for interrogation, the place is overrun by mercenaries, forcing him and his ‘house guest’ to go on the run. But who should Weston trust: sociopath Frost or his superiors?

The rest is one long, exhausting chase scene, with occasional breaks for slightly stilted dialogue, taking in the Green Point football stadium, the labyrinthine Langa Township, shootouts, and mind-games by Frost. While director Espinosa hones in on the ambiguous battle between Weston’s idealism and Frost’s cynicism, British cinematographer Oliver Wood – who filmed the last two Bourne movies – shoots the hell out of everything.

By: Nigel Floyd


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday February 24 2012
Duration: 115 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Daniel Espinosa
Cast: Ryan Reynolds
Denzel Washington
Vera Farmiga

Average User Rating

2.7 / 5

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Film took itself too seriously? Too many cliches, the CIA is evil? is it really? Guessed the bent agent straight away . Note to self. Avoid Hollywood movies that glamorise designer violence , Arabic looking gunmen, have brooding mavericks etc etc. Give me a quirky human story anyday

Gripping, edge of your seat drama. Must see again as plot moved so fast some scenes may have been missed. As ever Mr Washington delivers

Some great, and deeply felt car smashes, but I must agree with Matt. I was really bored by the last half hour or so. Wish we'd had more of the gorgeous South African scenery which appears towards the end.

Saw this today BRILLIANT!!!! Its a must see..... Loads of jumpy intense moments !!!

Saw this today BRILLIANT!!!! Its a must see..... Loads of jumpy intense moments !!!

Tickets? Check, Popcorn? Check, Seen all before but oddly don't care? Check, Director clearly a fan of Paul Greengrass? DOUBLE Check! Watch, enjoy, grab a beer after and struggle to recall what you saw this time next week? YOU GOT IT! 6+/10

I rather enjoyed this one! Not much plot/ dialogue/ character development to write home about.. But then neither did the 'Bourne' films either(!) It's simply a good, well cast, run-around with lots of action. Great stuff! 6.9/10

Denzels acting made this jump from a 1 star to a 2 star(ps~no im not a denzel fan either) My goodness this movie is VERY FLAWED! And Ryan Reynolds just cannot act-who holds their gun up in public TWICE creating havoc & busting himself in the process-WHAT AN IDIOT.The writers should be shot as the characters were sloopy & plot mis-jointed.dvd MOVIE!! STAY IN YOUR HOUSE!

Not much to recommend this film beyond Denzel's endearing smile in a film that metronomes between predictable car/gun/fight set pieces and mumbled script. Signposted plot means you don't have to pay much attention.

For once a Time Out review that has a film right. Its good. As a thriller and a chase movie it is very good. Washington is excellent and Reynolds gives good support. Gleeson and Farmiga also play the who is the bad guy mystery well. Well worth a visit.