Satan's Slave

Film, Horror
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Another absolute stinker from the withered pen of David McGillivray, who this time permits himself a small but telling role - yes that's the author playing the priest who drags the naked witch to the tree ('filmed entirely on location in Surrey') in order to brand and then flog her. Elsewhere this home movie drags out the theme of possession, with the nutty-family-in-big-country-house striving to reincarnate the witch (imaginatively named Camilla) in Candace Glendenning's body. It also shows how bad experienced actors - Potter, Kellermann, Gough - can be when handed dialogue as matchless as 'It's at moments like this that I'm glad I'm a doctor'.

By: AN

Release details

Duration: 86 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Norman J Warren
Screenwriter: David McGillivray
Cast: Michael Gough
Martin Potter
Candace Glendenning
Barbara Kellermann
Michael Craze
James Bree
David McGillivray