Season of the Witch

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3 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars
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Does the idea of Ron Perlman headbutting Satan appeal to you in any way? If the answer’s no, stop reading now. If it’s yes, you’re in for the first guilty treat of 2011.

Perlman and Nicolas Cage (in curly blond pageboy frightwig, natch) play rambunctious Crusader knights who go Awol and find themselves in a non-specific, plague-stricken East European principality. The Catholic authorities claim that said epidemic is the work of a captive witch (Claire Foy), and waste no time hiring Nic and Ron to chaperone the prisoner through mountain country to have her soul cleansed at a monastery.

No one, least of all Cage or director Dominic Sena, makes any bid for greatness: despite its admirably straight face, ‘Season of the Witch’ is a silly romp through Pythonesque medieval cliché and knockabout Hammer horror with a dash of cut-price Tolkien chucked in to keep things moving. Cage barks, emotes and swears inappropriately, ably backed by Perlman as his burly sidekick, and the cast is padded out with the likes of Christopher Lee as a devious, hideously scarred cardinal.‘Season of the Witch’ is not for everyone: it’s creaky, predictable and frequently idiotic. But for a tipsy Saturday night, this should tick all the right boxes.


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Friday January 14 2011
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Peter Peter, Dominic Sena
Bragi F. Schut
Nicolas Cage
Ron Perlman
Claire Foy
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*Possible spoilers* Well I actually liked the film- alot. I on purpose didn`t review or check the box blurb since that gives away the entire plot all by itself. This film is best if you just pick it up because the Medieval-Witch picture on the front is your theme interest. The early scenes showing how many battles they`ve thought was a nice idea. I also liked the ambiguity where a lot of people watching the film would`ve just assumed it was superstitious medieval nonsense, but it wasn`t. The girl didn`t turn out to be the hapless innocent after all. the ending was a bit bit weak since the best part was wondering what was the truth of it and they seemed to run out of anything really clever to do at the end. Ron was great, but Cage, while ok, didn`t really do as much as I feel he could`ve. I think it was a good film, not terrible at all.

not as bad as some say, but not as good either. Empty your head, fill a wine glass or three and sit back and be mildly entertained.

Most people would call "Season Of The Witch" an awful movie. But if like me you enjoy having an easy watch every now & then inbetween your more thoughtful films then this does the job. By no means as well acted or entertaining as the similar "Black Death" or "Solomon Kane" but as a piece of medieval trashy entertainment it works! Ron Perlman is strong as always & Nic Cage (Talking in a full American accent) is his usual self... A good little action flick with swords & witches so if your into this type of film then watch it & judge for yourself. I did see this in the cinema & had a good time watching it; although I felt certain parts could have been better, especially the ending! I also just picked this up on Blu Ray & most people who are intrigued by the front cover should be more than happy with a cheap purchase or a blind buy.

Certainly not as woeful as Ghost Rider, Bangkok Dangerous or The Wicker Man Remake...but this is stil below par after Nicolas Cage's partial return to good films last year in Bad Lieutenant 2, Kick Ass and Sorcerer's Apprentice. I'd file this along with Knowing and Drive Angry 3D as kind of in the middle there. There is a fairly scary intro to this film, but from there on in, there are no scares. Fans of Ron Perlman, who is always in this kind of movie, won't be disappointed. Yes, he does headbutt the Devil... I haven't seen such a sorry Euro cast since Prince Valiant or Dungeons & Dragons... A hopeless quest, with ropey morals and even crappier sfx. Nicolas Cage is fairly subdued for once but maybe he was just resting because he has to be the busiest actor around... Role on Ghost Rider 2... Arggghhhh I hear that's got Christopher Lambert in it, not long before you're DTV Nic...

I quite enjoyed this film - up until about fifteen or twenty minutes from the end, when it got pretty stupid, and lost the plot, literally. It really seemed like someone just decided to change the story at the last minute - maybe I'm wrong about this, but that's just how it came across. I'm sure anyone could have come up with a better ending. But there's a lot to like about the film, too - I liked the daft dialogue, the relationship between the two leads, the medieval setting, the ambiguity about some of the other characters... it's just a shame it went pear-shaped! Oh and, why did everyone have an American accent - even the non-Americans? Weird!

Spot on review - I enjoyed it and don't care who knows! but can I just point out it's not 113 min, but just under 100. 7/10

I have now seen the movie and I think the review is pretty fair. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, and it even provides some thrills and chills at the end. But I was curious because I thought there might be some interesting story about the way characters interact--and there really isn't. It's pretty predictable. I don't want to offer any spoilers, but I went hoping to be wowed -- as one always hopes with a good story -- and this was not. But probably like me, you'll have to see it for yourself to understand why it's a kinda stupid, flat movie.