Série Noire

Film, Thrillers
Although the setting is changed from Big City USA to the dismal, wintry Paris suburbs, this neo-noir retains the outline of Jim Thompson's source novel (A Hell of a Woman), following the trajectory of its door-to-door salesman until, with an almost audible 'Voilà!', he's deposited in an abyss of hopelessness - thief, triple murderer and not a sou to show for it. But the characterisations are turned on their heads. 'A hell of a woman' is here an engimatically passive 17-year-old (Trintignant), while the weary hero is rendered hyperactive in Dewaere's tornado-strength performance, hysterical rages, comical monologues and all.

By: BBa

Release details

Duration: 145 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Alain Corneau
Screenwriter: Georges Perec, Alain Corneau
Cast: Patrick Dewaere
Marie Trintignant
Myriam Boyer
Bernard Blier
Jeanne Herviale
Samuel Mek
Andreas Katsulas
Charlie Farnel
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